Eye To Eye: Photographs By Graham Nash, Featuring Over 180 B&W Images Spanning 1953-2003, to be Published This Month by Steidl

NYC's Chelsea Gallery Jim Kempner Fine Art to Display Selected Photographs

From the Book Starting June 26 and Host Artist Reception & Signing on July 8

May 27, 2004, 01:00 ET from Graham Nash

    LOS ANGELES, May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Graham Nash first started taking
 pictures when he was ten years old, inspired by his father, an amateur
 photographer.  "I had a camera before I owned a guitar," he remembers.  Since
 then, throughout the time that Nash has made music history as one of
 rock 'n' roll's most popular songwriters and performers, he has maintained a
 parallel career as a photographer and digital imaging pioneer.  With this
 month's publication of Eye To Eye: Photographs By Graham Nash, his visual
 artistry takes center stage, revealing what the book's producer and editor
 Garrett White calls in the introduction, "the visions of a man who is
 fundamentally tuned in to the world."
     White, former director of publications for both LACMA and the Whitney,
 adds that Nash always strives to, "find the magic in photographs that can move
 his soul."  Nash's own take is, "I'm simply lucky enough to have been there in
 moments when magic happens -- it's around us all the time, we just have to be
 aware."  That sensibility leaps off the pages of his debut photographic
 compendium, Eye To Eye, comprising over 180 black & white images spanning
 1953-2003.  Published by Steidl with distribution through D.A.P., the
 cloth-bound, large-format hardcover first edition retails for $60.00.  Nash
 Editions, which Graham co-founded with R. Mac Holbert (credited as the book's
 "imagician"), and which was the world's first museum-quality, cutting-edge,
 digital fine arts press, rendered the image scans.
     Many shots portray Nash's family, communicating their deep bonds with
 images that are at once tender and intensely direct.  Among the many friends
 whose revealing portraits grace the pages are music world compatriots David
 Crosby, Stephen Stills, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell, whose
 encouragement inspired Nash to first begin exhibiting his work in 1990.  Other
 shots depict random scenes captured during the artist's many tours around the
 globe, as well as slices of life from closer to home.  Some compositions are
 not peopled at all, yet Nash's stylized abstractions of cityscapes and found
 objects are equally striking -- as are the self-portraits scattered
 throughout, in which the artist appears to be almost as much spectator as
     The heart of Graham Nash's photography is what he describes as, "That
 decisive moment when it all comes together in that little rectangle in the
 viewfinder-it all clicks, and then I click."  Nash says he knows exactly when
 that confluence of vision and circumstance occurs, and this guiding intuition
 is reflected in works that are as compositionally elegant as they are
 emotionally immediate.  No one but Nash, of course, can claim the behind
 the-lens-vantage point on these exposures of the world around him, but the
 honesty and presence of his photographs create an experience that is
 powerfully in the moment for the viewer as well.
     Following the late May release of Eye To Eye: Photographs By Graham Nash,
 NYC's Jim Kempner Fine Art will show approximately two dozen images from the
 book.  The exhibition opens June 26, and on July 8, Nash will be on hand for
 an artist's reception and book signing from 6-8PM.  In Chelsea since 1997, Jim
 Kempner Fine Art specializes in contemporary prints and works on paper; recent
 exhibitions have featured artists including Robert Rauschenberg, Robert
 Motherwell, Jennifer Bartlett, Chuck Close, Nan Goldin, Lucien Freud, and
 David Hockney.  Additional book tour appearances nationwide are being
 scheduled, with several signings already confirmed.
     Originally from Blackpool, England, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Graham
 Nash is one of contemporary music's most enduring stars, from his earliest
 British Invasion days with The Hollies, through his era-defining work with
 Crosby, Stills, Nash (& sometimes Young), and throughout, as an acclaimed solo
 artist.  A lifelong photographer, he is also a renowned collector of the
 medium, and in 1990, a large portion of his holdings was sold at auction for
 $2.4 million, at the time a record-setting price for a private photography
 collection.  Nash invested the proceeds in Nash Editions, today widely
 considered the premiere fine art digital print studio of its kind.
     Earlier this month, Graham Nash was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree
 by Los Angeles, CA's Otis College of Art and Design, the most diverse private
 art college in the U.S., with students from 39 states and 26 countries.  On
 tour with Crosby, Stills & Nash this summer, Nash has recently completed his
 first CD as a duo with David Crosby in 26 years, set for release later this
 year on Sanctuary Records.  Right now, Nash -- who is planning a subsequent
 volume of color photographs -- is savoring the publication of Eye To Eye --
 "I've enjoyed taking these pictures," he says, "and now I'm enjoying sharing
     For more information on Eye To Eye, visit www.artbook.com
     For more information on Graham Nash, visit www.grahamnash.com
      Confirmed EYE TO EYE book tour appearances:
      June 17:  Los Angeles, CA  Los Angeles County Museum of Art
      June 21:  Los Angeles, CA  Book Soup
      July 2:   Milwaukee, WI    Harry Schwartz Bookstore
      July 8:   New York, NY     Artist reception/signing, Jim Kempner Fine Art

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