Eyeblaster Launches Industry's First Rich Media Creative Spec Database

New Features Streamline Rich Media Production and Deployment

Apr 19, 2004, 01:00 ET from Eyeblaster

    NEW YORK, April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Eyeblaster, the leader in rich media
 advertising content and delivery, continues to extend the capabilities of its
 Rich Media Platform with the introduction of the industry's first and only
 Creative Spec Database and numerous other enhancements designed to set new
 standards for rich media deployment.
     The database, accessible exclusively through the Eyeblaster Platform,
 contains complete rich media creative specifications for hundreds of
 Eyeblaster-enabled publishers for accepted ad formats, including dimensions,
 file sizes, format specific functionality, and unique publisher requirements.
     "When developing rich media ads, the biggest challenge is keeping track of
 creative specs," cites Dan Federman, co-founder of Big Spaceship.  "Eyeblaster
 has figured out the hard stuff. The creative spec database allows us to
 concentrate on building a great ad, not on confirming whether the specs we've
 got are up-to-date."
     Jully Hong, Media Operations Specialist at Digitas, noted: "Using
 Eyeblaster's creative spec database will save our Media, Creative, and
 Delivery team time in trying to compile and cross-check creative specs for
 large campaigns. The Creative Spec Summary provides us with the lowest common
 denominator, ensuring that our creative units will be approved and run
 smoothly across our entire campaign, and alerting us to potential conflicts
 before we send them to a publisher."
     The creative database comes with a validation tool that enables media
 planners and creative designers to compare an ad's creative execution against
 the specs of their entire media plan, site by site or all at once, detailing
 any conflicts, before submitting the ad to the publisher. Should an ad that
 fails to meet the specs be submitted, an email is sent to the publisher,
 alerting them to any deviations from the spec. The powerful combination of the
 database and the validation tool streamlines the process of ad development and
 approval, eliminating costly mistakes and delays in the production and
 approval process.
     Federman added, "Now there's no reason to hesitate before submitting an ad
 for approval. The validation tool lets us know beforehand if we're out of
 spec. And the ability to view the lowest common denominator across a multiple
 publishers allows us to build an even more effective campaign on smaller
 budgets. All in all, it's an incredible upgrade."
     Web publishers define creative specifications across their entire network
 -- including subsections -- and maintain the accuracy of these specs in real
     "About.com is very excited to use Eyeblaster 5.5. Ease of operation is
 critical for us and the new Spec Database will help keep publishers and
 clients on the same page," said Benjamin Reid, VP Sales Operations, About.com.
 "Additionally, allowing the Eyeblaster tool to check creative against
 specifications shortens the production cycle and enables us to serve more high
 efficiency units."
     New Features For Agencies
     In addition to the creative spec database, the improved Eyeblaster Rich
 Media Platform features a new interface design and several other tools that
 ease creating and deploying rich media ads.
     "As rich media becomes more intricate, and media plans grow larger, the
 industry needs a solution that is as scalable as their campaigns, no matter
 how large they are," explained Paul Kadin, executive vice president of
 marketing and strategy at Eyeblaster. "With the improved platform, we have
 taken the initiative to make it as easy as possible to build large campaigns,
 across multiple sites, with any of our ad formats, so our clients can maximize
 the benefits of rich media."
     Whether building a media plan across dozens of web sites, sharing creative
 assets between multiple ads, or incorporating video into any ad format, the
 Eyeblaster Rich Media Platform is the single end-to-end solution for managing
 the rich media advertising process.
     Eyeblaster has developed "Quick Flighting," which allows for the addition,
 modification or duplication of flights with the click of a button. In
 addition, the Eyeblaster Rich Media Platform now enables any ad to be copied
 to multiple flights across a campaign; designate a specific 'brand' in a
 campaign in addition to the advertiser; and a new weighted ad rotation
 algorithm allowing an agency to control the exposure level of each ad within
 flights containing multiple ads.
     Once a campaign has been built, users can export a media plan into Excel,
 complete with all flights and ads in the campaign, including custom
 interactions that have been defined. From Excel, planners can enter 3rd party
 tracking URLs into the spreadsheet, and re-import that information back into
 the Platform, automatically updating all tracking information across the
 entire campaign.
     In addition to the hassles of building and modifying a media plan,
 agencies also need to show ads to clients, either sharing the creative
 direction for an ad or showing off for a potential new client. To meet this
 need, Eyeblaster has developed an Offline Ad Demo Generator specifically
 designed to take an existing ad and demonstrate its execution on any web page.
     "Showing off our work on the page it will live is critical for clients to
 appreciate the ad's full impact," noted Tom Goosmann, Chief Creative Officer
 at True North Inc. "Eyeblaster's new demo generator gives us to power to show
 both existing and potential clients how their ads would look in a campaign,
 whether sending it in an email or incorporating them into a new business
     All of the new features, and more, will be activated on April 19, 2004.
 Current users will automatically have access to the improved platform.
     About Eyeblaster
     Eyeblaster is the global leader in rich media ad technology and the
 provider of the Eyeblaster Rich Media Platform. Eyeblaster provides online
 advertisers and publishers with the first single technology solution to
 create, deliver, and manage all rich media formats through one online
 administrative platform. The Eyeblaster platform is the only product that
 gives the user 100% control without relying on a 'middleman vendor' anywhere
 in the campaign process.   Eyeblaster is the only rich media technology
 provider accepted system-wide by AOL, MSN and Yahoo, and its customers include
 over 400 advertising agencies and 1,000 publishers/networks worldwide.
 Eyeblaster, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in New York, with
 offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Hamburg, Tokyo, Sao
 Paolo, and Sydney and product development facilities in Israel. Learn more at
      Contact: Corey Kronengold
               (646) 202-1324

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