Face Recognition Software from Visionics Wins PC WEEK Best of Show Award at COMDEX

Dec 01, 1997, 00:00 ET from Visionics Corporation

    JERSEY CITY, N.J., Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- FaceIt face recognition software
 from the Visionics Corporation was selected as the Best of Show at the giant
 Fall COMDEX computer trade show in Las Vegas.  Over 600 products from all over
 the world competed in 13 categories for this high honor in the field of
     The season's newest products were compared on the basis of their potential
 to change the future of computing.  PC WEEK editors, analysts and industry
 experts made up the judging panel.
     FaceIt was also the winner of the Best New Technology Award.
     FaceIt gives PCS a brand new ability -- to recognize a person by their
 face using a standard video camera.  It changes the way people work with their
 computers and creates opportunities for software developers and systems
 integrators around the world to make new applications with security, access
 control, privacy, and surveillance abilities.
     The capability of FaceIt software to verify the identity of the actual
 person based on the unique structure of their facial features has such wide
 potential for protecting information, controlling physical access, reducing
 fraud, and delivering new services that the PC WEEK judges chose this small,
 four-year-old Jersey City, N.J., firm over the giants of the industry.
     Dr. Joseph J. Atick, CEO of Visionics, said, "This award from the world's
 most informed authority is a significant endorsement of the fact that face
 recognition technology is going to have a major impact on the way people use
 their computers and also what computers are capable of doing."
     FaceIt is software that allows a computer connected to a video camera to
 automatically detect human presence, locate and track faces and identify who
 they are -- all hands-off and all in a fraction of a second.  It is an
 outgrowth of basic discoveries made over the last ten years at academic
 research labs on how the human brain performs one of its most basic and
 important perceptual tasks:  face recognition.
     Atick continued, "The demanding requirements of our government and high
 end corporate have helped us hone the accuracy, speed, and performance of the
 software to bring to the commercial marketplace.  The dramatic improvements in
 the performance capabilities of PCS and video cameras, coupled with falling
 prices, now makes these capabilities broadly accessible."
     Examples of the applications of face recognition technology include:
 computers that will only unlock when they see their user's face and will close
 up when they can no longer see their user, taking pictures of people who come
 into your private work space, terrorist surveillance at airports, time and
 attendance validation, providing secure access to employee and medical
 records, locking and unlocking doors, protecting against bad checks and point
 of sale fraud.
     Face recognition will play an important role in the development of the
 human-centric operating system.  It is expected that such a system will rely
 on speech and gesture recognition technology to allow for a more natural
 interaction between people and their machines.  Face recognition will have to
 be at the core of such systems.  When a computer recognizes who is looking at
 it, it is not only able to customize its offerings to the individual but it is
 able to adapt to the individual voice, gesture and other habits allowing for
 more effective interaction.
     Visionics created a desktop product called FaceIt PC to build awareness
 for the potential of this technology running on the Windows 95 and NT
 platforms.  This software illustrates the power of face recognition by
 offering a suite of four security-related applications.  FaceIt PC secures
 your computer from unauthorized access by using your face as your password.
 Your computer is locked at all times -- including bootup.  You gain access
 when the computer detects your presence and identifies your face.
     It also secures your files by encrypting them.  To decrypt, your face must
 be present and identified in front of the computer.  While your computer is
 locked, FaceIt PC keeps an eye on your environment, recording and posting to a
 webpage of your choice all faces that attempt access, or just passersby.
 Finally, FaceIt has a built-in messaging capability that turns your computer
 -- while it is locked -- into a visual answering machine allowing visitors to
 leave you messages when they stop by.
     Visionics' business model focuses on maintaining the face recognition
 technology a giant step ahead of any competition and to continue to broaden
 its capabilities.  The latest capabilities and tools are brought together in
 the Software Developer Kit.  Most applications of the FaceIt technology will
 be produced by the rapidly growing developer community.  So far, more than 50
 corporations from around the world have joined the FaceIt Developer Network
 and are actively developing products that rely on FaceIt as the enabling
 technology.  Some have already deployed new applications using FaceIt and many
 are close to bringing these new products to market.
     About Visionics and FaceIt Technology:
     Visionics, based in Jersey City, N.J., is the leading developer of face
 recognition technology worldwide.  Earlier this year, the company's
 award-winning technology, FaceIt was licensed for use in the world's first
 Integrated Passenger and Baggage Security System for airports in Malaysia and
 the Pacific Rim.  Recently, FaceIt was integrated into the Immigration and
 Naturalization Service's SENTRI system to provide rapid passage for daily
 commuters across the U.S./Mexico border at the Otay Mesa port of entry.
 FaceIt is used to automatically locate faces or drivers and to verify their
 facial identity.  FaceIt is also used in new ATMs by one of the world's
 largest makers of ATMs (details will shortly be made public).
     FaceIt(R) is a registered trademark of Visionics Corporation.  More
 information about FaceIt(R) technology and applications can be found at
     Visionics Corporation
     Phone: 201-332-9213, Fax 201-332-9313, biz@faceit.com
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