Fannie Mae Foundation Introduces 'Growing Your Money,' A Workplace Personal Finance Curriculum

- The Home Depot Leads Employer-Assisted Financial Education Outreach -

- and Manpower Piloting Program This Spring -

Apr 10, 2002, 01:00 ET from Fannie Mae Foundation

    WASHINGTON, April 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The Fannie Mae Foundation, the
 nation's leading foundation dedicated to affordable housing and homeownership
 opportunities, recently released "Growing Your Money: Personal Financial
 Tools," a personal finance curriculum created for use in the workplace.  In
 partnership with The Home Depot and Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS)
 of Atlanta, the Fannie Mae Foundation developed the curriculum to help
 employers provide their employees with basic personal finance education, and
 ultimately prepare them for homeownership.
     "We're proud to have introduced this curriculum with The Home Depot and
 CCCS of Atlanta," said Stacey H. Davis, president and CEO of the Fannie Mae
 Foundation.  "We hope to see participants able to realize their dreams by
 learning the financial skills that will help them make informed decisions for
 themselves, their families, and their communities."
     The curriculum provides 12 hours of interactive training with a workbook
 that includes lessons on Developing a Spending Plan, Working with Checking and
 Savings Accounts, Understanding your Credit and Credit Report and Getting a
 Loan.  The workbook provides worksheets on budgeting, tracking, and planning
 expenses, as well as a glossary and certificate of completion.  Trainers are
 provided with a toolkit that includes an instructor guide, a participant
 workbook, fact sheets, a readiness checklist, flyer templates and a
 participant sign-in sheet.
     The Home Depot recently kicked off the pilot for 25,000 employees across
 the nation, including its Atlanta Office headquarters.  Other employers using
 the Growing Your Money Curriculum include Manpower, Inc., and
     "Personal financial education is a win-win for the employer and the
 employee," said Layne Thome, Director of Associate Services at The Home Depot.
 "Our associates are our most important asset. If we invest in our associates
 by providing programs such as this, in return they will be happier and more
 productive. In addition, we hope that as our associates become more
 knowledgeable about managing their finances we will see greater participation
 in such programs as direct deposit, our 401k, and the Employee Stock Purchase
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