FDA Clears Instantaneous Mapping System to Find the 'Source' of Cardiac Arrhythmias

CathEffects(TM) Announces FDA Clearance to Market the Desai VectorCath(TM)

Mapping System

Feb 05, 2002, 00:00 ET from CathEffects, LLC

    SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- CathEffects(TM), LLC today
 announced it has received FDA clearance to market the Desai VectorCath(TM)
 Mapping System.
     The Desai VectorCath(TM) Mapping System is a cardiac electrophysiology
 mapping system for use with the previously FDA cleared five-electrode
 two-plane Desai VectorCath(TM) Mapping Catheter.  This system improves
 procedural speed and accuracy with unprecedented ease of use.  The Desai
 VectorCath(TM) Mapping System's proprietary software and hardware provides
 instantaneous directionality with distance estimate toward the endocardial
 site of arrhythmia breakthrough.
     "The Desai VectorCath(TM) Mapping System offers physicians and hospitals
 an economic system that reduces mapping time and improves accuracy," said
 Shawn Fojtik, CathEffects(TM) Chief Operating Officer.  "Other mapping systems
 are expensive, involve significant procedure set-up time, and tend to be used
 only on select difficult cases.  The Desai VectorCath(TM) Mapping System is
 inexpensive when compared to other systems, requires almost no procedure
 set-up time, and delivers instantaneous mapping data."
     Mr. Fojtik added, "During a procedure, the Desai VectorCath(TM) Mapping
 System can display a local isochronal activation map of the heart underneath
 the footprint of the catheter in less than one second.  The system's map shows
 the physician which direction and approximately how far to move the catheter
 to find the source of arrhythmia."
     The company said that customer reaction to the Desai VectorCath(TM)
 Mapping Catheter and Mapping System has exceeded expectation.
     Electrophysiology ("EP") is a subspecialty of cardiology that examines the
 electrical activity of the heart with catheters placed inside the heart's
 chambers.  During an EP procedure, the electrophysiologist can map the heart's
 atria and/or ventricles and identify the focus of abnormal heart rhythm.
     The Desai VectorCath(TM) Mapping Catheter and Mapping System were invented
 by Jawahar M. Desai, M.D., F.A.C.C., of Roseville, California and is licensed
 to CathEffects(TM) with 15 other patents.
     CathEffects(TM) designs, develops, and manufactures electrophysiology
 mapping catheters, mapping systems, and ablation catheters.
     CathEffects(TM), LLC is headquartered at 1100 Melody Lane, Roseville,
 California 95678 916-677-1790 with additional offices in Temecula, CA, Santa
 Clara, CA, and Park City, UT.  For more information see www.catheffects.com.
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SOURCE CathEffects, LLC