FDAnews Announces Launch of Drug Industry Daily

Sep 04, 2002, 01:00 ET from FDAnews

    FALLS CHURCH, Va., Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- FDAnews today announced the
 launch of Drug Industry Daily, an electronic daily briefing that provides
 coverage of what's happening on Capitol Hill, in the courts and at the FDA,
 the FTC, HHS, NIH and other key agencies and decision making bodies that
 affect the pharmaceutical industry.
     Each issue gives you hard reporting on top issues such as patent
 exclusivity, DTC advertising, medication errors, program funding, FDA
 appropriations, bioterrorism, warnings, recalls, approvals and more.
     "It's never been harder -- or more important -- to keep track of all
 that's going on and who the players are," said Cynthia A. Carter, publisher of
 FDAnews.  "The drug industry is under fire from many directions, from pricing
 to safety.  Multiple bills are in Congress, countless lawsuits are in the
 courts and FDA enforcement actions are aimed straight at drug companies'
 bottom lines."
     At the same time, developments in drug discovery offer extraordinary
 opportunities.  With so much to keep track of and many contingencies trying to
 shape the outcome, industry insiders need a reliable source of current
 developments.  Drug Industry Daily delivers the unbiased news every day, so
 readers get the latest word as the story unfolds, from beginning to end.
     Lobbyists, government policy makers, industry executives, investment
 specialists and consultants whose very job is to shape the future of the drug
 industry use Drug Industry Daily.  Anyone who needs to know about developments
 as they happen will benefit from subscribing.
     For a limited time, Drug Industry Daily is being offered at an
 introductory rate of $1,495 per year (a $400 savings off the regular price of
 $1,895).  To become a charter subscriber, phone customer service at
 +1-703-538-7600 or go to http://www.fdanews.com/pub/did/.
     Drug Industry Daily is published by FDAnews, publishers of Washington Drug
 Letter, The Food & Drug Letter, Part 11 Compliance Report, Generic Line,
 Devices & Diagnostics Letter, Regulatory Watchdog Service, Genomics Newswire
 and many other information services to help pharmaceutical, biotech and
 medical device executives meet regulatory and business challenges.
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