FDAnews Announces Publication Dedicated to Genomics Industry

Online Publication Covers Emerging Trends,

Opportunities and Developments on the Forefront in Fast-Changing Field

Jul 01, 2002, 01:00 ET from FDAnews

    FALLS CHURCH, Va., July 1 /PRNewswire/ -- FDAnews today announced its
 newest publication, Genomics Newswire, the first independent publication
 dedicated to in-depth, original reporting and analysis on the genomics
     "The deals that are being made now will lay the groundwork for the entire
 future of the genomics field," says Cynthia A. Carter, president of FDAnews,
 "and they're happening incredibly quickly. It's an all-out race to get
 products to market and recoup the R&D investment."
     Published weekly online, Genomics Newswire provides up-to-the-minute,
 global coverage that executives at pharmaceutical firms, biotech companies,
 genomics companies, diagnostics manufacturers, bioinformatic companies,
 computer firms, law firms and investment firms need to take advantage of
 opportunities in the genomics industry, stay current on rapidly-evolving
 legislation and other developments and make business decisions quickly.
     Genomics Newswire covers current and emerging issues -- including new
 therapies in clinical trials, diagnostics, therapeutic cloning and stem cell
 research, agricultural biotechnology, nutraceutical developments,
 pharmacogenomics, drug discovery, target identification and validation and
     Each issue goes beyond the wire services and press-release driven stories
 to bring the subscriber well researched, multiple-source news articles that
 provide valuable insight on: developments in drug discovery, evolving legal
 and regulatory decisions, bringing a product to market, investment
 opportunities, research collaboratives, industry changes and more.
     For a limited time, FDAnews is offering charter subscriptions to Genomics
 Newswire at $200 off the regular $795 subscription rate. For subscription
 information, contact Bailey Sterrett at 703-538-7600 or
 customerservice@fdanews.com .
     Genomics Newswire is published by FDAnews, publishers of Washington Drug
 Letter, Part 11 Compliance Report, Generic Line, Devices & Diagnostics Letter,
 Regulatory Watchdog Service, and many other information services to help
 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device executives meet regulatory and
 business challenges.
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