FEI and Sidec Tackle Validation of Drug Targets

Protein Tomography(TM) to Improve Success in Drug Development

Mar 08, 2006, 00:00 ET from FEI

    HILLSBORO, Ore., March 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- FEI Company
 (Nasdaq:   FEIC) and Sweden-based Sidec Technologies AB today announced that the
 two companies will collaborate on the commercialization of Protein Tomography
 solutions and services based on Sidec's proprietary software and intellectual
 property, and FEI's transmission electron microscopes (TEMs).
     Protein Tomography is a new technology developed to address critical
 issues around drug target validation and translational medicine in the
 pharmaceutical industry, improving target validation processes and shortening
 development time for new pharmaceuticals. Based on current market practices,
 Protein Tomography is estimated to be a (U.S.) $200 million market with the
 potential to grow several fold within a few years.
     "Understanding drug targets and the disease mechanisms on a molecular
 level is extremely difficult, resulting in severe problems when translating
 bench research into human biology," commented Hans Johansson, president and
 CEO of Sidec. "Many drugs fail when they progress from pre-clinical studies to
 clinical trials. Imaging and comparing drug targets from different species
 using Protein Tomography provides insight into the molecular differences
 underlying this attrition."
     FEI has led the development of cryo electron microscopy for the imaging of
 biological structures in close collaboration with many top level academic
 groups in Europe and the US.  Sidec is pioneering the field of protein imaging
 using cryo electron tomography and has several research collaborations with
 global pharmaceutical companies.
     Protein Tomography consists of advanced electron microscopy
 instrumentation, proprietary data acquisition and reconstruction software as
 well as scientific expertise to enable the imaging and analysis of individual
 protein molecules in cells and tissues. FEI and Sidec offer this as a service
 through Sidec, as an on-premises service, or through a software and other
 intellectual property license arrangement combined with a TEM system sale.
     "FEI is very pleased to offer this advanced solution for Protein
 Tomography with Sidec," commented Vahe Sarkissian, president and CEO of FEI.
 "We have a long-standing reputation for providing enabling tools for life
 science. As we move from the genomics to the proteomics era, we will continue
 to identify customer needs and work to deliver the advanced applications that
 our growing and diverse life science market, which we refer to as NanoBiology,
     About Sidec Technologies AB
     Sidec Technologies AB provides solutions to significantly improve the
 predictive value of pre-clinical experiments. The company's proprietary 3-D
 reconstruction technology and electron tomography enables the visualization of
 disease events at a molecular level, in virtually any environment and
 biological context, thereby bridging the current gap between the test tube and
 human biology. With offices in Stockholm and Lund, Sweden and San Diego,
 California, Sidec offers contract research to the pharmaceutical industry and
 academic institutions.  More information can be found at www.sidec.com.
     About FEI
     FEI's Tools for Nanotech(TM), featuring focused ion- and electron-beam
 technologies, deliver 3D characterization, analysis and modification
 capabilities with resolution down to the sub-Angstrom level and provide
 innovative solutions for customers working in NanoBiology, NanoResearch and
 NanoElectronics.  The company's products for NanoBiology address a robust set
 of applications including 3-D cryo TEM and SEM applications and nanoparticle
 characterization and analysis.  With R&D centers in North America and Europe,
 and sales and service operations in more than 50 countries around the world,
 FEI is bringing the nanoscale within the grasp of leading researchers and
 manufacturers and helping to turn some of the biggest ideas of this century
 into reality.  More information can be found on the FEI website at:
     This news release contains forward-looking statements that include
 statements about future development of, the market for and potential benefits
 of TEM-based Protein Tomography to aid in drug development as well as the
 expected size of that market. Factors that could affect these forward-looking
 statements include but are not limited to the inability of FEI or Sidec to
 successfully complete the development described, the emergence of competing
 technologies that offer more effective or less expensive solutions to TEM-
 based Protein Tomography, failure of the new application to function as
 expected, failure of the market to develop as expected and the inability of
 customers to develop and deploy the expected new applications or to achieve
 the performance described. Please also refer to our Form 10-K, Forms 10-Q,
 Forms 8-K and other filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
 for additional information on these factors and other factors that could cause
 actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements. FEI
 assumes no duty to update forward-looking statements