Finalists Named in 2005 Utah Innovation Awards Program

Apr 21, 2005, 01:00 ET from Stoel Rives LLP

    SALT LAKE CITY, April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Eighteen high-tech innovations
 and the Utah companies that created them have been selected as finalists in
 the third annual Stoel Rives UTAH INNOVATION AWARDS.  This statewide program
 is sponsored by Wasatch Digital iQ magazine, the Utah Engineering Experiment
 Station, the Utah Information Technology Association and the business law firm
 Stoel Rives LLP, with support from MountainWest Capital Network and the Utah
 Life Science Association.
     Six winners -- one from each category -- will be announced at an awards
 lunch on May 19, 2005 at noon in the University of Utah Olpin Union Ballroom.
 A committee of 35 experts from private industry, government and higher
 education selected the award finalists, three in each of the program's six
 categories: biotechnology, chemicals, medical devices, computer software & Web
 services, electrical devices and mechanical devices.  Votes were tallied by
 the accounting firm KPMG.  More details about the awards program are available
     Finalists, listed alphabetically within each category, are as follows:
     Biotechnology finalists.  AnzenBio's Bio Detector is a handheld device for
 on-site detection of bacteria, viruses, mold and biotoxins.  The RAZOR
 Instrument and PathFinder Sample Pouch, created by Idaho Technology Inc., is a
 portable diagnostic instrument for the rapid detection of pathogens.  Telomere
 Measurement by Quantitative PCR, created by the University of Utah, is an
 assay that permits the measurement of Telomere length, which correlates to
 mortality from age-related disease.
     Chemicals finalists.  CarbonX Non-Flammable Textile, created by Chapman
 Innovations, is used primarily in protective apparel.  Nano-Structured
 Coatings, created by High Performance Coatings, Inc., are nanotechnology
 surface treatments producing disruptive thermal/corrosion/abrasion resistance
 and bonding performance. Carbylan(TM), a new class of biomaterials created by
 Sentrx Surgical Inc., promotes scar-free healing in a large variety of
 postsurgical applications.
     Medical devices finalists.  NOMAD Handheld X-Ray System, created by ARIBA
 X-Ray Inc., is a truly portable x-ray device for dental radiography.
 Proximare PFO Occluder, created by Proximare Inc., is a catheter-delivered
 device to close a patent foramen ovale.  The Ultrasound CT(TM) Imaging System,
 created by TechniScan Medical Systems, is a new, non-invasive ultrasound
 technology for breast imaging and analysis.
     Computer software & Web services finalists.  NetCapture(TM) Business,
 created by NetDeposit, Inc., is innovative business software that scans paper
 checks and clears them electronically.  NextPage 1.5, created by NextPage,
 allows people to efficiently share and collaborate on documents without
 changing the way they work.  RappidMapper's Life Dimension camera and software
 is the revolution in visualization.  It captures and provides real-world,
 photo-quality 3D views with dimensions and GPS data.
     Electrical devices finalists.  The Barco Blaze, created by Barco, is a
 portable 170-inch diagonal, full-color, outdoor LED video and graphics display
 solution. 9XTend RF Modem, created by MaxStream, Inc., is a long-range
 wireless data modem.  Dickson Grating, created by Wasatch Photonics, is an
 advanced holographic optic that enables next-generation lasers, optical
 networking and biochemical sensor instrumentation.
     Mechanical devices finalists.  Friction Stir Welding (processing of super-
 hard metals) is possible through the collaboration of Brigham Young University
 and MegaStir Technologies, Inc.  ECONOVA Water Treatment System, created by
 Econova Inc., is a mechanical system that treats waste water in minutes
 without chemicals.  Utah State University's Twisteron technology replaces
 ailerons, reducing the drag on an airplane during flight and saving fuel.
     "Taking part in this year's Innovation Awards has been an energizing
 experience," said UITA president and CEO Richard Nelson.  "It is clear that
 Utah's high-tech community is vastly filled with an under-discovered
 population of young, driven entrepreneurs, who with the help of the UTAH
 INNOVATION AWARDS, have now been given an opportunity to make their
 innovations known."
     The awards lunch will be the centerpiece event of the Edison Conference, a
 day-long event that includes presentations by industry leaders and a showcase
 of Utah innovations.  The lunch will feature Dr. H. Tracy Hall, this year's
 recipient of the Experiment Station's Pathfinder Award, as guest speaker.
     The cost to attend the awards lunch only is $40 per person or $320 for a
 table that seats eight.  The registration fee for the Edison Conference is
 $95.  The conference cost includes a May 18 pre-event reception and the May 19
 day-long event, including the awards lunch.  To register for the awards lunch
 and the Edison Conference, visit  For more information,
 contact Dr. Terrence Chatwin at 801-581-6348 or
                                 2005 FINALISTS
      Award Category
      and Company Name     Innovation
      AnzenBio             The Bio Detector
                           A portable, handheld detection device that enables
                           fast, cost-effective onsite analysis of a broad
                           variety of bacteria, viruses, molds, and biotoxins;
                           used to protect crops, ensure clean homes and
                           buildings, and counter bioterrorism.
      Idaho                The RAZOR Instrument and PathFinder Sample Pouch
      Technology Inc.      A portable diagnostic instrument for the rapid
                           detection of pathogens.  Easy to use and able to
                           operate on various power sources including solar,
                           110v/220v, and multiple battery types.  Applications
                           range from clinical diagnosis to field analysis.
      University of        Telomere Measurement by Quantitative PCR
      Utah                 A rapid and reliable assay for measuring telomere
                           length, which correlates to mortality from
                           age-related disease.  Shorter telomere length has
                           been demonstrated in published reports to be
                           associated with aging, slowing cellular repair, and
                           multiple diseases.
      Chapman              CarbonX Non-Flammable Textile
      Innovations          Made from inherently flame-resistant fibers, a non-
                           flammable fabric that offers heat and flame
                           protection at temperatures up to 2000 degrees F.  It
                           is used primarily in protective apparel for race car
                           drivers, industrial workers, firefighters, police,
                           soldiers, and others who need extreme protection.
      High Performance     Nano-Structured Coatings
      Coatings, Inc.       Nanotechnology formulated surface treatments
                           producing superior thermal/corrosion/abrasion
                           resistance and bonding.  These coatings are used in
                           multiple applications including aerospace thermal
                           barriers, aerospace wing de-icing, protection from
                           rain/particulate abrasion, high-density bonding of
                           composite materials, and protection from acid
      Sentrx               Carbylan(TM), A New Class of Biomaterials
      Surgical Inc.        A novel biomaterial that promotes scar-free healing
                           at an accelerated rate while preventing tissue
                           adhesion.  Appropriate for use in numerous
                           postsurgical applications including nasal sinuses,
                           ear drum repair, abdominal adhesion prevention, bone
                           and cartilage repair, and healing chronic wounds.
      ARIBA X-Ray Inc.     NOMAD Handheld X-Ray System
                           A portable x-ray device for dental radiography that
                           can be used in the dentist's chair or in the field.
                           NOMAD enables dentists to take an x-ray in virtually
                           any setting.  A single battery charge provides
                           several hundred x-rays.
      Proximare Inc.       Proximare PFO Occluder
                           A minimally invasive catheter-delivered device that
                           closes a common heart defect known as a patent
                           foramen ovale (PFO).  Unchecked, a PFO can trigger
                           strokes or migraines by allowing clots or chemicals
                           to bypass the lungs' filter and enter the brain.
      TechniScan           Ultrasound CT(TM) Imaging System
      Medical Systems      A non-invasive, ultrasound imaging technology that
                           produces 3-D images of the entire breast
                           automatically and at uniform resolution, providing
                           radiologists with valuable diagnostic information
                           that helps them distinguish between different types
                           of tissues within the breast.
      NetDeposit, Inc.     NetCapture(TM) Business
                           Business software that scans paper checks and clears
                           them electronically.  This allows businesses using a
                           special scanner to deposit checks electronically by
                           submitting images of the checks to the bank over a
                           secure Internet connection.
      NextPage             NextPage 1.5
                           A document management system that allows users to
                           efficiently share and collaborate on documents with
                           the tools they use every day -- email and Microsoft
                           Office.  NextPage 1.5 provides real-time awareness
                           and notifications about the status of documents and
                           who is currently using them, saving time, reducing
                           risk, and eliminating "document chaos."
      RappidMapper, Inc.   Life Dimensional Camera and Software
                           RappidMapper's Life Dimension camera and software is
                           the revolution in visualization.  It captures and
                           provides real-world, photo-quality 3D views with
                           dimensions and GPS data into a scene.  The software
                           then allows you to freely navigate the scene.
      Barco                The Barco Blaze
                           A portable LED video and graphics display solution
                           with a 12' x 9' full-color, high-resolution screen
                           that lifts up nearly 18 feet into the air.  The
                           Blaze also features 256,000 miniature clustered LEDs
                           and boasts an IP65 water- and dust-proof rating.
                           The unit is used at sporting events, concerts,
                           parties, fairs, grand openings, etc.
      MaxStream, Inc.      9XTend RF Modem
                           A versatile, cost-effective, long-range wireless
                           data modem used for many applications that need to
                           send data over long distances.  The modem utilizes
                           sophisticated encryption and operates at the highest
                           output power, combining high levels of security and
      Wasatch Photonics    Dickson Grating
                           Advanced holographic optic diffraction grating
                           technologies that efficiently manipulate light
                           regardless of the light's polarization states.  This
                           light combining/splitting tool enables the
                           development of next-generation devices for lasers,
                           fiber optic networking, medical diagnostics, and
                           defense applications.
      Brigham Young        Friction Stir Welding (Processing of Hard Materials)
      University           Friction stir welding (FSW) is a new technology that
      And MegaStir         enables effective welding of previously unweldable
      Technologies, Inc.   super-hard, high-melting-temperature metals such as
                           stainless steel, armor plate, and nickel-based
                           alloys.  FSW can quickly weld aircraft aluminum,
                           stainless vessels, large pipeline joints, and other
      Econova Inc.         ECONOVA Water Treatment System
                           A mechanical system that treats waste water in
                           minutes without the use of chemicals or filters.
                           Through a three-step process -- oil/water
                           separation; electrolysis-driven decontamination; and
                           separation of solids -- the system processes
                           industrial waste water and produces reusable water.
      Utah State           Twisteron
      University           A control surface that modifies and adjusts the air
                           flow over aircraft wings in varying flight
                           conditions, producing a reduction in drag without a
                           corresponding reduction in lift.  The ultimate
                           results are improved fuel economy and increased

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