Find the Cheapest Gas Station Instantly on Your Mobile Phone With Free New Mobio Widget

May 22, 2007, 01:00 ET from Mobio Networks

    CUPERTINO, Calif., May 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobio Networks today
 announced that it has launched Cheap Gas, a free widget designed to let
 users instantly locate the cheapest gas stations form their mobile phone.
 Mobio released its new widget as part of the GetMobio mobile lifestyle
 portal, a collection of compelling mobile applications that are fun, simple
 and useful for everyday use.
     "Our goal is to focus on those use cases where mobile technology can
 add real, everyday value to the user," said Marcia Kadanoff, VP Marketing
 of Mobio. "Naturally one of the most compelling cases is a scenario where
 the mobile phone user can actually save money by quickly referencing
 content on the mobile phone. With gas prices skyrocketing across the US, we
 hope that Mobio's Cheap Gas will be a helpful tool for people who want to
 spend their hard earned cash on something other than filling up their
 vehicles. It's a simple, convenient way to avoid overpaying at the pump
 this summer for everyone from the busy commuter to families getting away on
     Mobio's Cheap Gas widget allows you to find the lowest cost gas station
 near any location and even to filter your search results by brand. That
 means that if you prefer to fuel up at a specific chain, then you can set
 your preferences to always display your favorite stations first on the
 list. Once you tell us your street address, Cheap Gas pinpoints the most
 relevant results and displays a map for those stations located on the next
 corner - not merely within your zip code or somewhere within the city
     Mobio uses data from, a resource created in April of
 1999 with the goal of saving the average consumer money. Sometimes even the
 same fuel company will charge different prices in different parts of town
 to remain a low-cost leader in that neighborhood, however, by providing
 consumers with the ability to search their local gas stations for the
 lowest prices, both their time and money can be spent more wisely. That's
 why the site has attracted over 157,000 price spotters, covers more than
 130,000 stations, and boasts over 400,000 price inputs every week.
     Cheap Gas is available by downloading GetMobio, a free service that
 consists of over 50 dynamic applications, widgets and RSS feeds. The
 GetMobio lifestyle portal features collections of Web service mash-ups that
 include the hottest nightclubs, restaurants, movies and local events.
     In January, Mobio was selected from thousands of innovators to launch
 its GetMobio mobile lifestyle portal at the DEMO 2007 conference. Following
 the launch, Business 2.0 Magazine called Mobio one of the hottest start-ups
 to watch in its "Next Net 25" of 2007 and IDC named Mobio one of its "10
 Emerging Wireless Entertainment Players to Watch in 2007." In April, LAPTOP
 Magazine called Mobio one of "Ten Companies to Watch in 2007."
     Mobio's applications are designed to be used with very few clicks and
 no or minimal data entry, and are created for the most popular and widely
 available mobile phones on the market, such as the Motorola RAZR and
 Samsung BLADE. By simply entering their information once, users can
 personalize their experience across all GetMobio collections to create a
 more intuitive, seamless interaction. Visit to download
 the GetMobio lifestyle portal from the Web or on
 your mobile phone.
     About Mobio Networks
     Mobio makes over 50 dynamic mobile applications and widgets that work
 together and are based on mash-ups of web services. Based in Silicon
 Valley, the company's mission is to make compelling applications that are
 fun, simple and useful enough to merit everyday use on popular mobile
 phones. Around the globe, people use Mobio's applications to locate the
 hottest bars, call a cab and book a table at the latest restaurants - all
 with very few clicks and minimal or no data entry. For more information,
     Mobio is a trademark of Mobio Networks, Inc. All other registered or
 unregistered trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.
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