FineGround Networks Launches Revolutionary Dynamic Content Acceleration Product at DEMO 2001

FineGround Condenser(TM) Speeds Dynamic Content and Provides Significant

Bandwidth Savings

Feb 12, 2001, 00:00 ET from FineGround Networks, Inc.

    PHOENIX, DEMO 2001, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- FineGround Networks, Inc.,
 today unveiled its patent-pending Condensation(TM) technology for accelerating
 dynamic web content. Based on Condensation technology, the FineGround
 Condenser(TM) is a network product that enables Internet content providers,
 service providers and e-businesses to dramatically improve their quality of
 service for end users, while drastically lowering bandwidth costs. (See
 FineGround Networks' Media Alert 2/12/01 regarding its product demonstration
 at DEMO 2001.)
     FineGround's mission is to transform the content delivery market by
 providing companies with a viable approach to speeding dynamic content. While
 the Internet currently provides a sufficient platform for the intelligent
 delivery of static content, it lacks the network intelligence required to
 handle dynamically generated content such as e-business transactions, news,
 and stock quotes that are continuously updated on a web site. The company's
 offering addresses this unfilled need in accelerated content delivery.
     "FineGround's unique value proposition directly addresses a pent-up market
 need and clearly differentiates us," said Nat Kausik, CEO and president of
 FineGround Networks. "Our mission is to deliver scalable content acceleration
 solutions that not only impact the quality of service delivered to end-users,
 but also reduce bandwidth costs by an order of magnitude for our customers."
     Breaking New Ground in Dynamic Content Acceleration
     Condensation technology is complimentary to traditional web caching but
 with the capability to intelligently "condense" dynamic content in real-time.
 Typically, dynamically generated web pages that are visited frequently by a
 user or a group of users change only by a few percent between successive
 visits. With current technology, when any portion of a page changes the entire
 page must be sent afresh to the end-user.
     The FineGround Condenser "condenses" web pages by eliminating redundancies
 between successive downloads of the same page, so that only the changes in a
 page are sent from the content provider to the end-user. The Condenser is
 deployed transparently between the content provider's content server and the
 Internet, without requiring any changes to the servers, servers' content or to
 end users' Web browsers.
     "FineGround Networks provides true end-to-end acceleration of dynamic
 content," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO 2001. "FineGround's
 Condenser addresses the dynamic content delivery bottleneck by increasing the
 intelligence of the network to simultaneously improve bandwidth utilization
 and performance. Innovative approaches such as this are critical in enabling
 networks to scale and support next-generation dynamic applications."
     Pricing and Availability
     The FineGround Condenser is available immediately on Linux platforms.
 Pricing starts at $50,000.
     About FineGround Networks
     FineGround Networks delivers innovations in content acceleration that
 empower Internet content providers, service providers and enterprises to
 provide uncompromising quality of service to customers. FineGround's
 patent-pending Condensation(TM) technology accelerates the delivery of dynamic
 content while at the same time dramatically reducing bandwidth costs. Backed
 by New Enterprise Associates and private investors, the company is
 headquartered in Campbell, California. Information about FineGround Networks
 can be found on the Web at .

SOURCE FineGround Networks, Inc.