Fire All Male Salespeople! Hire Freaks! Tom Peters' New Book Sounds Angry Wake-Up Call to Corporate America In Re-imagine!, Peters Reinvents American Business

With Passion, Design, and Women at the Helm

Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age

(DK Publishing; $30 U.S./$40 Canada, hardcover; October 15, 2003)

    NEW YORK, Oct. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- In his first book of the post-Enron,
 post-boom, post-9/11 era, Tom Peters, America's most influential business
 thinker, proclaims that the old business playbooks are useless in a new world
 that's messy and chaotic.
     Declaring war on the worthless rules, absurd organizational barriers and
 petty corporate middle managers that stand in the way of creativity and
 success, Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age (DK; $30.00,
 U.S./$40 Canada, hardcover; October 2003) lays out the new ground rules for
 uncertain times where screwing up, destroying, and thinking weird rule the
     Putting his money where his mouth is, Peters has teamed with DK
 Publishing -- a publisher renowned for its creative visual
 style -- to re-invent the business book by introducing vibrant color, bold
 graphics, and head-turning design to a genre better known for mind-numbing
 text and charts.  The result is an in-your-face anti-handbook in sync with our
 rapidly changing world.
     Dubbed "the ur-guru of management" by Fortune and "the father of the
 post-modern corporation" by the Los Angeles Times, Peters is the acclaimed
 co-author of a string of international bestsellers, including the landmark In
 Search of Excellence, which was named one of the top three business books of
 the 20th Century by NPR.
     Citing examples as far-flung as Jack Welch and Jiffy Lube, Apple and
 al-Qaeda, eBay and E-ZPass, Re-imagine! urges full-scale, "Technicolor"
 assaults on outdated systems, ideas, and values starting with corporate
 America's self-defeating dismissal of women in the office and the marketplace.
     In Peters' inimitable style, Re-imagine! does not settle for incremental
 change. Instead, recognizing that American women represent the world's largest
 economy, Peters urges a top-to-bottom re-imagining of American business that
 makes women priority #1 when it comes to hiring, promoting, marketing,
 branding, design, culture, and leadership. (See attached list: Why Women
     "Women are the primary purchasers of damn near everything," writes Peters,
 marking the first time that one of the nation's top male "management gurus"
 takes corporate America to task on the "women's issue."  "We must therefore
 strive to achieve nothing less than Total Enterprise Realignment around this
 awesome, burgeoning astoundingly untapped market."
     In Re-imagine!, Peters also riffs on corporate America's apathy towards
 design and offers surprising ideas for making design the "soul" of every
 enterprise (eg. Put design on the agenda of every meeting.  Make the chief
 designer a member of the board).
     Other dinosaurs targeted by Peters' meteoric rage include the American
 education system, which he calls a "thinly disguised conspiracy to quash
 creativity," and an obsession with youth that leaves American business
 ill-equipped to take advantage of the   coming boom in older Americans.
 Making it perfectly clear that this is not your father's business book, each
 chapter also showcases:
      -- Technicolor Rules - Basic important truths for today's business world
         ("White collar employment as we've known it is dead." "The time for
         mellow prescriptions is past.")
      -- Rants - A bullet-fast summary of why American business is unprepared
         for today's challenges ("We acknowledge that a new, fluid world is
         emerging. But we retain our male-inspired, male-dominated
      -- Visions - A brief peak into Peters' ideal future. ("A truly creative
         society: Each person moves from project to project, from gig to
         gig - Hollywood-style.")
      -- Was/Is - A spirited list of contrasts between your father's world and
         yours ("Doing it all/delegating, quiet classrooms/noisy classrooms,
         acquire big things/acquire cool things")
     Twenty years after the release the groundbreaking In Search of Excellence,
 Peters declares that in the "new strange world, defining excellence -- let
 alone searching for it - will prove more and more elusive."  With that in
 mind, Re-imagine! is nothing less than a rallying cry for every Dilbert-ized
 cubicle slave to throw off the shackles, get off the sidelines, and take
 charge of their lives and livelihoods.
     For more information and photos visit:
     Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age
     By Tom Peters
     DK Publishing
     Publication date: October 15, 2003
     $30.00, U.S.; $40, Canada
     352 pages; hardcover; ISBN: 0-7894-9647-X
 Meet the New Boss:  Why Women Rule!
     Women practice improvisation with much greater ease than men.
     Women are more self-determined than men.
     Women appreciate and depend upon their intuition more than men do.
     Women, unlike men, focus naturally on empowerment (rather than
      hierarchical "power").
     Women understand and develop relationships with greater facility than men.
 From Re-imagine!  Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age
 by Tom Peters (DK Publishing, October 2003, $29.95)
      National Book Tour Dates:
      New York City - October 23 & 24
      Boston - October 27
      Washington, D.C. - October 28
      San Francisco - October 29 & 30
      Minneapolis - November 17
      Cincinnati - November 21

SOURCE DK Publishing

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