Firebrand Makes Its Debut as the First Multi-Platform Network Dedicated to Commercial Culture

ION Television and Feature Best Spots from Around the World,

Playlists, Favorite Brands, Special Promotions

Commercial Celebrities Make Guest Appearances

Nov 26, 2007, 00:00 ET from Firebrand

    NEW YORK, Nov. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Firebrand, a revolutionary new
 network that programs only the best television commercials, makes its
 multi-platform debut tonight on the ION Television Network at 11 pm ET, and
 simultaneously 24/7 with streaming video on In addition,
 Firebrand will be available for mobile on demand and via iTunes' free
     Firebrand features the most creative advertising, best video game
 trailers and special promotions, providing a unique destination for
 commercial culture. Firebrand programs TV commercials the way music
 networks have programmed music videos. "Viewers are encouraged to 'Opt-in,
 Search, Download and Share' their favorite spots on TV, the web and
 mobile," says John A. Lack, Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder.
     As Firebrand premieres on ION Television, consumers will see a line-up
 of the familiar, funny, sexy, controversial, edgy, poignant, and downright
 ridiculous. In the first hour on Firebrand, viewers will see spots from
 renowned directors like David Fincher, catch commercials that feature great
 actors like Clive Owen, and view a new twist on a Madonna video in a spot
 all the way from Egypt. Viewers will also be able to enjoy some of the best
 ads from past Super Bowls.
     "As a consumer, I had wondered why great commercials didn't have a
 channel of their own," says Roman Vinoly, Chief Creative
 Officer/Co-Founder. "What marginalizes commercials is the programming that
 interrupts it, not the other way around."
     Firebrand will enlist the aid of "Commercial Jockeys" or "CJs" who will
 guide the viewing audience through award-winning ads, exclusives,
 director's cuts and never-before-seen-on-TV commercials. In its first
 month, Firebrand will feature commercial celebrities like the Dell Dude,
 Ben Curtis, Capitol One's angel, Jay Klaitz, and the young star of Mr.
 Magorium's Wonder Emporium, Zach Mills. Each will make a guest appearance
 on Firebrand, talking about their favorite commercials, setting up spots
 and sharing their playlists.
     "Firebrand is the best of commercial culture dished up in a way to
 appeal best to the group most likely to 'get it' -- the Gen Y Millennials
 -- who are already checking out this stuff online, on TV and on their
 mobile devices," says Shari F. Leventhal, Chief Marketing Officer.
     To kick off the holidays in style, Firebrand will launch its "Twelve
 Days of Firebrand," with a daily prize giveaway that gets better each day.
 Prizes will include Xbox, video iPod Nanos and a grand prize that includes
 VIP tickets to professional football's biggest game.
     Major investors in Firebrand include Microsoft, NBC Universal and GE's
 Peacock Equity Fund. Firebrand can always be found at,, weeknights on ION television network from 11 PM -12 AM ET,
 and coming soon on If you love a good commercial, you're
 going to love Firebrand.
     Press can access images and further information at
PR Contact: Dawn Rowan 646-747-3600

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