First Biography on Robert Atkins Tells All About The Man Who Changed America's Diet

Jan 04, 2005, 00:00 ET from Chamberlain Bros.

    NEW YORK, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- When Robert Atkins died on April 8th
 2003, his life's work was overshadowed by one simple question: Did he die fat?
 Tabloids and mainstream media outlets claimed that Dr. Atkins weighed over 250
 pounds and suffered from heart disease at the time of his death. The mayor of
 NYC, Michael Bloomberg, added to the cacophony of misinformation by
 insinuating, off the record, that Atkins died of a heart attack. In Dr. Robert
 Atkins: The True Story of the Man Behind the War on Carbohydrates (January
 2005), author Lisa Rogak clears up the misinformation surrounding the life and
 death of Dr. Atkins and reveals him to be one of the most driven, eccentric,
 and single-minded public figures in American history.
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     Dr. Robert Atkins is the first biography about Atkins, a shocking fact
 when one considers that despite decades of criticism from the medical
 establishment, Dr. Robert Atkins single-handedly changed the way Americans
 think about food. Few will ever look at a simple loaf of bread or a bowl of
 pasta the same way again. Yet for all of Atkins's influence, the public knows
 very little about the man himself. His associates and family, even at the time
 of his death, have been tight-lipped about the man at the helm of this most
 influential diet empire. Armed with extensive research and dozens of exclusive
 interviews with Atkins's colleagues and associates, Rogak offers readers a
 fascinating glimpse into the public and private life of a complex man. Some of
 the more revealing details include:
     * Atkins was an infamous womanizer who dated nurses and patients alike
     * Despite an overall disinterest in pop culture, he was a terrific fan of
       Star Trek
     * He was one of the earliest champions of alternative medicine -- and he
       was a firm believer in using himself as a test subject
     * Atkins was a staunch advocate of unprocessed food -- a position at odds
       with the direction taken by his company after his death
     * He was so outspoken about his belief in the evils of sugar he would stop
       strangers (even children) to tell them about the dangers
     Rogak, a thorough and thoughtful biographer, provides readers with a
 well-researched look at a man who built a dieting empire without any support
 from the medical establishment. Dr. Robert Atkins: The True Story of the Man
 Behind the War on Carbohydrates will not convince readers whether or not
 Atkins's philosophies were right or wrong, but it will offer insight into his
 struggles to spread his low-carb message to the world.
     About the Author:
     Lisa Rogak is the author of more than 25 books. Her most recent, Howard
 Dean in His Own Words, made the BookSense list in January 2004.
     *** Lisa Rogak is available for live interviews in the NYC-metro area and
 for phone interviews nationwide. Please contact Rachel Kempster at
 212.366.2902 to arrange an interview. ***
                               Dr. Robert Atkins:
           The True Story of the Man Behind the War on Carbohydrates
                                 By Lisa Rogak
              Chamberlain Bros. (a division of Penguin Group USA)
                          Pub Month: January 12, 2005
                              ISBN: 1-59609-038-3
                               Format: Hardcover
                                   Pages: 240
                                 Price: $24.95

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