First-Ever Bilingual Life Coaching Book for Children is Published

Nov 16, 2005, 00:00 ET from Saul Serna

    NEW YORK, Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Saul Serna, the founder and CEO of the
 Hispanic career and life coaching company, Business for Life (TM), has
 announced the publication of his bilingual multicultural life coaching book
 for children, called Just Be(e) (TM) or Solo Se(e)(TM)
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     Just Be(e), a children's book written in both English and en Espanol,
 serves as a guide to empower children to better accept who they are and to
 embrace, enjoy and celebrate diversity.  The two main characters are Papi -- a
 Hispanic brown-eyed boy bee, and Honey -- an American blonde haired blue-eyed
 girl bee -- who teach each other about their respective cultures, and discover
 that they are much better together than either of them would ever be alone.
     The book guides children to "just be," versus "just do."  As the readers
 work through each of the book's life lessons, they earn stickers and build a
 honeycomb based upon completion of each "be(e)" lesson, e.g. be(e) happy,
 be(e) prepared, be(e) on time, etc.  The lessons are character building,
 motivating, and will last a lifetime.
     "The children really connected with this book!  Just Be(e) embodies
 everything that our school represents -- promoting self-esteem and fostering
 respect and tolerance for all.  It is a powerful message," according to the
 principal of the New York City public school where the book was first
     The hardbound 114-page book (plus four pages of stickers) is expected to
 retail for $24.95. Just Be(e) is targeted primarily to children from 6-12
 years old but has been well received by Hispanic and American children of all
 ages. The warm, humorous illustrations perfectly complement the lively text
 and bring Papi and Honey to life.
     "This book is semi-autobiographical," says Mr. Serna. "I came to this
 country as a young man and have attained my Latin American dream.  With this
 book, I am hoping to empower not only Hispanic children, but children of all
 races and cultures to celebrate diversity and to be the very best that they
 can be."
     Books are available for purchase at as well as
     Saul Serna's copyrighted "got Latin?" sales training and coaching program
 has been implemented by a number of Fortune 100 companies.
     This is Mr. Serna's first children's book and Papi the Coach captures the
 essence of the author, striving always to help each and every person he
 touches to be his or her very best!

SOURCE Saul Serna