First-Ever National Preschool Teacher of the Year Award Winners Announced By Story Reader(TM)

Four National Winners and Their Schools to Receive Cash Prizes; State

Winners to Receive 50-Title Libraries of Preschool Books

Sep 18, 2006, 01:00 ET from Publications International, Ltd.

    LINCOLNWOOD, Ill., Sept. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- She strides into the
 classroom looking like a female Indiana Jones, complete with khaki garb,
 mud boots, a belt bearing excavation tools, and an oversized magnifying
 glass in her hand. In a bag slung over her shoulder are bones -- more than
 a hundred of them -- to be buried and dug up in the schoolyard. This is not
 a hired actor or a scientist. This is one of four national winners of the
 Preschool Teacher of the Year Award, dressed like a paleontologist ready to
 go exploring with her young charges.
     The makers of the Story Reader family of products, Publications
 International, Ltd. (PI), announced today the four national winners of the
 Preschool Teacher of the Year Award, as well as the competition's state
 winners. The Story Reader(TM) Preschool Teacher of the Year Award is the
 first and only program to solicit grassroots nominations from parents,
 teachers and school administrators across the United States.
     The national winners, each representing either the central, south, east
 or west regions of the country, include:
     -- Wendy Butler-Boyesen; Eugene, Oregon
     -- Geralyn Dunckelman; Houma, Louisiana
     -- Lisa Frank; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     -- Karla Lyles; Chicago, Illinois
     PI fielded hundreds of nominations from March 27 through June 30, each
 recognizing an outstanding teacher instructing 3- to 6-year-old children in
 pre-kindergarten settings. An independent panel of leading academics in
 early childhood education evaluated the nominees. Criteria included the
 teachers' use of creative teaching techniques, their overall approach to
 generating excitement about learning, and their ability to evaluate and
 address individual students' needs.
     Earlier this year, PI identified the need for a national program to
 recognize preschool teachers. The company developed the Preschool Teacher
 of the Year award to show appreciation for these important influencers of
 young children.
     "It was inspiring and heartwarming to read the nominations we received,
 because they all reinforce what most parents know: Preschool teachers have
 a critical and lasting impact on their children's educations," said Kerry
 Cunnion, PI Executive Vice President. "While it was difficult deciding on
 the winners, they all stand out because of their dedication to the children
 in their programs, and also because of the innovative methods they use to
 ensure that our youngest students receive a strong start to their school
 careers. They all inspire a love of learning, just as we at PI strive
 everyday to create books and electronic products that inspire a love of
 reading in children."
     Each of the four national winners will receive a cash prize of $1,500,
 and a matching $1,500 donation will be made to their respective schools.
 Each state winner will each receive a 50-title library of books for their
 classrooms. The retail value of each library is approximately $625, and
 they will include Story Reader, Story Reader(TM) Video Plus(TM), My First
 Story Reader(TM) and other PI preschool books.
     Each of the four national winners demonstrates a distinctive approach
 to teaching young children. Here are some examples:
     -- Science means success for Wendy Butler-Boyesen's students at EWEB Child
        Development Center.  The Oregon teacher excites her young students by
        exploring different scientific themes each month, from hiking through
        local wetlands to studying the solar system.  One student's parent was
        amazed when she saw the children marching around the classroom
        gleefully demonstrating their understanding of the terms "oviparous"
        and "viviparous" following a lesson about animals.
     -- In addition to her gig as a would-be paleontologist, Geralyn Dunckelman
        has more than "dino" bones in her bag of tricks.  The Louisiana
        teacher, who instructs Title I preschoolers often identified as
        at-risk, refuses to accept such labels, saying, "The only thing these
        children are at-risk of is making a difference in this world."
        Dunckelman embraces parents as the primary teachers of their children,
        and often takes the extra step to ensure specific needs are met, even
        on the home front.  When she became aware that one parent was
        illiterate while another spoke and read only Spanish, she recorded
        books in English for the family while recruiting a Spanish-speaking
        volunteer to create Spanish-language versions.  These same parents
        eventually volunteered to read and teach Spanish to the class.
     -- Variety and contemporary themes set Lisa Frank of McCloskey Elementary
        School in Philadelphia apart from her peers.  Students in her Bright
        Futures Pre-K classroom get to try anything from yoga to sign language,
        and Frank always makes it an enjoyable experience.  This approach was
        evident when Frank transformed her classroom into a magical ocean
        experience, complete with blue cling wrap and sea-creature stickers on
        the windows, an ocean-sounds CD during naptime, and an edible ocean
        made of blueberry Jello and Swedish fish.
     -- Karla Lyles doesn't let Chicago's tougher side get her down.  Herself a
        "graduate" of the city's Altgeld Gardens public housing complex, Lyles'
        dedication to her students at Our Lady of the Gardens creates "a ray of
        hope in a distressed community," according to one nomination.  Her
        success is due to her innate ability to listen, observe and engage her
        students in conversations.  For example, when her students expressed
        interest in building houses, she took them on a construction-site field
        trip to explore the renovation of homes in their community.  The class
        created a book filled with photos and captions from their excursion,
        and even enjoyed an on-site school visit by the backhoe driver they
        befriended on their trip.
     The product behind the Preschool Teacher of the Year Award, Story
 Reader is the first-ever portable electronic storybook reader for kids aged
 three to eight that is now the best-selling line of preschool books in the
 nation. This success prompted PI to introduce two new products to the Story
 Reader family in 2006: Story Reader Video Plus, which combines the classic
 Story Reader with the appeal and entertainment value of video, and My First
 Story Reader, a smaller, re-designed version of Story Reader for kids aged
 six months to three years.
     Often called "the next best thing to a parent's lap," the original
 Story Reader has earned 17 industry awards since its debut in September
 2003. The line now features more than 60 book titles featuring popular
 licensed characters. The base unit, which comes packaged with a book based
 on the Disney/Pixar movie, "Finding Nemo," is widely available for around
 $20. For more information, visit .
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