Five Star Technologies Named Nanotech Startup with World's 'Top Commercial Viability'

Oct 20, 2006, 01:00 ET from Five Star Technologies

    CLEVELAND, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Five Star Technologies, a supplier
 of high-performance powders and dispersions with applications throughout
 the electronics industry, has been named the nanotechnology startup with
 the "top commercial viability" by Lux Research, Inc.
 ( Lux Research, a leading analyst research firm,
 reached its conclusion after studying a group of 136 venture-capital-backed
 companies around the world with significant nanotechnology capabilities.
     The report said that Five Star Technologies' high number of
 applications on the market, and attractive price/performance improvements
 over traditional materials, are primary reasons that Five Star Technologies
 leads the commercial viability category. That category, the report said,
 measures how able companies are at taking their science projects from the
 lab to the factory and the marketplace.
     "We're gratified, but not surprised at Lux Research's conclusions,"
 says Tim Fahey, vice president, business development for Five Star. "As we
 are discovering from our joint tests with customers, Five Star's ability to
 customize a wide range of particles to either the micron or nanoscale and
 then maintain them in stable dispersions, is genuinely unique. This
 capability, which allows customers to economically produce circuit features
 with greater detail and precision, is essential for current and future
 generations of a wide range of microelectronics products."
     "At the recent IMAPS show in San Diego, we formally introduced to the
 entire industry the advantages that we have been delivering to customers in
 semiconductor packaging. The translation of our unique dispersions into
 enhanced thermal and electrical performance has attracted a lot of
     "Similarly, we also experienced tremendous interest at the IMI
 conference on printable electronics and displays. Clearly, producers of
 various types of flat panel displays are frustrated by the high cost and
 processing problems they experience with 'nano-inks.' The fact that Five
 Star can deliver sub- micron dispersions and inks that meet today's
 line-width targets and are process-stable, affordable and deliverable in
 metric-ton quantities got everyone's attention."
     About Five Star Technologies
     Five Star Technologies is a supplier of high-performance powders and
 dispersions for use in semiconductor and microelectronic packaging, display
 and ceramic component applications. Using its patented Particle Management
 Technology, Five Star creates precision dispersions of a wide range of
 materials (metals, oxides, nitrides, carbon fibers, etc.) in various
 organic media. Our products exhibit unparalleled rheological stability and
 exceptional particle size control, enabling our customers to produce
 materials with next-generation performance profiles. For more information,
 please visit the Five Star Technologies website at

SOURCE Five Star Technologies