Flashline's Pattern Book for Open Source Initiatives Published to Open Source Community

Executive Guide of Best Practices Assists with Adoption and Governance

of Open Source Software

May 17, 2004, 01:00 ET from Flashline, Inc.

    CLEVELAND, May 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Flashline(R), the leading provider of
 software asset management solutions, today announced the release of Flashline
 Pattern Book for Open Source in the Enterprise. The Flashline Pattern Book
 offers a collection of documents based on best practices that address various
 aspects of the creation, launch and ongoing management of an open source
 software initiative, from building a business case to budget, staffing, and
 licensing issues. The Flashline Pattern Book provides guidance for IT managers
 interested in capitalizing on the quality, reliability, and cost savings
 benefits of open source software.
     Flashline developed the Pattern Book based on best practices gained
 through multiple engagements with Fortune 500 organizations and federal
 agencies incorporating open source projects into their software asset
 management initiatives. The Flashline Pattern Book provides resources to help
 organizations address the business processes that support successful open
 source programs, such as effective governance strategies and implementation
     "If organizations do not adopt procedures and standards supporting the
 acquisition and ongoing management of open source software, their initiatives
 will fail. Incorporating open source into a software asset management strategy
 is the only way companies will quickly realize the cost savings, collaborative
 and quality benefits of open source," states Mark Driver, vice president of
 Gartner, Inc. "This approach will take open source beyond isolated, project-
 focused efforts into enterprise-wide success."
     Flashline Pattern Book for Open Source in the Enterprise is published
 under a Creative Commons open license.  This license permits the free use,
 modification, and non-commercial redistribution of the Pattern Book so it can
 evolve through the same process that has produced open source software. The
 Flashline Pattern Book is available as Wiki content, allowing access to and
 collaborative modification of the material.
     "A growing number of IT organizations today treat open source as a
 strategic initiative and are extending their software asset management
 programs to support open source assets. But enterprise-wide management and
 control of open source assets and the associated risks are significant issues,
 as is the calculation of related savings. Flashline Pattern Book for Open
 Source helps IT managers address these very issues so they can deploy open
 source software assets across a wide range of initiatives, including
 application development, enterprise application integration and enterprise
 architecture," states Charles Stack, CEO of Flashline. "By releasing the
 Flashline Pattern Book as a community-driven open source project, it is our
 hope that organizations will continually modify and refine the documents to
 reflect their particular expertise in dealing effectively with open source in
 the enterprise."
      The Flashline Pattern Book consists of nearly 20 templates for project
 plans, presentations and worksheets addressing key issues, requirements, and
 milestones, including:
      * Business case -- an executive overview and business-oriented rationale
        for incorporating open source into the enterprise.
      * Project plan -- a roadmap for the initiative. Includes timelines and
        milestones, worksheets, communications plans, budgets and benefits to
        various roles throughout the organization.
      * Implementation -- includes worksheets for calculating total cost of
        ownership for open source assets, key phases and activities for
        selecting, managing and tracking open source assets.
      * Staffing -- overview of roles and qualifications required to support
        open source, including the role of a "steward" acting as liaison
        between the open source community and the enterprise.
      * Legal issues --- summary of the various open source licensing
     Flashline Pattern Book for Open Source in the Enterprise is available
 at http://wiki.flashline.com/wiki . Senior executives can review an executive
 summary. Flashline also offers a FlashPack for Open Source that extends the
 Flashline Registry to accelerate the adoption and management of open source
 software assets throughout the enterprise.
     About Flashline, Inc.
     Flashline delivers Software Asset Management solutions to improve the
 governance of enterprise-wide IT programs. Using Flashline analytics, senior
 managers can monitor the cost reduction and consolidation benefits of key IT
 initiatives such as reuse, enterprise architecture, outsourcing, and legacy
 modernization. By increasing visibility into how teams are creating and using
 software assets, Flashline allows project and program managers to quickly
 determine if they are in compliance with corporate and architectural mandates
 and to reduce duplicate efforts. Flashline is a privately held company
 headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. For more information
 visit www.flashline.com .
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