Florida State Senator Dave Aronberg Stands Up for Motoring Consumers & Seniors in Introduction of 'Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act,' States CARE

Mar 20, 2007, 01:00 ET from Coalition for Auto Repair Equality

    ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- "Florida motorists
 and the automotive independent repair industry thank State Senator Dave
 Aronberg (D-Greenacres) for introducing 'The Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to
 Repair Act', SB 2890," stated David Parde, president, The Coalition for
 Auto Repair Equality (CARE).
     The reason for the bill is to allow motoring consumers the choice of
 where, how and by whom to have their vehicles repaired. "Most motorists
 believe that when they purchase their vehicle, they own it and are able to
 make decisions on its repairs. Not when the car companies have complete
 control of the repairs. Vehicles that are 1994 and newer (and some earlier
 models) are equipped with computers that control the repair information on
 vital systems of the vehicle, among them: air bags, brakes, steering
 mechanisms, ignition keys and systems, tire pressure, oil changes, climate
 control, transmissions, fuel injection, batteries and much more.
     The only sure way for motorists to have these systems and their
 "entire" vehicle repaired is to return to the car dealerships. This has
 created a potential monopoly that hurts everyone who drive and owns a
 vehicle, especially low- and fixed-income motorists, such as senior
 citizens, it creates safety hazards for those who need immediate repairs
 but do not live near the appropriate car dealership or may be traveling
 without any car dealership nearby, and hurts the environment (the more
 vehicles that can be repaired at the maximum number of locations the
 cleaner running the vehicles thus the cleaner the air).
     "The question for motoring consumers is, 'Who owns your car? You or the
 car companies? SB 2890 says, you do.' That means that consumers who own
 property, this time their vehicles, have the right to make repair choices
 that best suit their needs.
     "There are nearly 13,000 independent repair location in Florida. They
 provide quality and affordable repairs for millions of vehicle owners every
 year. Senate Bill 2890, if passed, will ensure that continues," said Parde.
     The Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act has many supporting
 organizations, among them: AAA, headquartered in Orlando; National
 Federation of Independent Business (NFIB); RetireSafe, which represents
 400,000 seniors nationwide; National Grange; Retail Industry Leaders
 Association; and many others.
     "Those who will gain from the coming car company monopoly are the car
 companies their dealerships, which is why they oppose the consumers and
 will fight to kill this bill. Senator Aronberg has proven that Florida
 legislators are more concerned with consumers' rights than big car
 companies," concluded Parde.
     The Coalition for Auto Repair Equality (CARE), is a national
 organization representing companies in the automotive aftermarket, among
 them: NAPA, Midas, CARQUEST, AutoZone, Advance Auto, O'Reilly's and others.

SOURCE Coalition for Auto Repair Equality