Florida Virtual Academy Begins 2007 School Year

Aug 20, 2007, 01:00 ET from Florida Virtual Academy

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Hundreds of
 Florida Virtual students from across the state are heading back to school
 today. Rather than heading to the bus stop, students are logging on to
 their computers to access the virtual school program provided by K12 Inc.
 through the Florida Virtual Academy (FLVA) -- the state's top-scoring K-8
 public virtual school.
     FLVA is an innovative, tuition-free public school in which students
 work at home with a parent or other responsible adult to receive
 instruction and guidance from certified public school teachers who operate
     "Teachers, students and their families are all eager for the school
 year to begin," says Patty Beitler, FLVA Head of School. "We had an
 extremely successful school year. Not only did our students score above
 state average in most categories, our school was also given an 'A' grade by
 the Department of Education. FLVA offers a flexible curriculum that helps
 students to really excel."
     The K12-developed curriculum covers traditional subjects of Math,
 Language Arts/English, Science, History, Art and Music.
     Over the past couple weeks, FLVA students have been receiving boxes
 full of traditional education materials shipped to their home. Items
 included books, workbooks, classical stories, science supplies, maps, art
 books, instruments, music CDs and more.
     Students, parents and teachers access daily lessons, progress and
 planning tools and assessments through the K12 Online School. To access the
 learning program, students receive a computer and printer on loan from the
     Florida Virtual Academy is a tuition-free online public school serving
 students across the state in grades K-8. FLVA gives students the
 curriculum, tools, and support they need to receive a high-quality,
 well-rounded education in their home, on the road, or wherever learning
 needs to happen. All students are assigned to a state-certified teacher and
 receive an individualized learning program designed to meet their personal
 education needs. FLVA offers families an innovative public education option
 that includes a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum and full academic
     FLVA uses the learning program designed by K12 Inc., a leading provider
 of high quality curriculum and academic services to schools across the
 country. Students who enroll in FLVA receive a computer, monitor, printer,
 access to the K12 Online School, lessons, assessments, books, materials,
 planning and progress tools, and much more. Since FLVA is a public school,
 it is tuition- free for all residents of Florida. FLVA provides a unique
 education opportunity where students, teachers and parents work in an
 education partnership, and where each child receives the tools, attention,
 and resources needed to receive the highest quality education.
     There are FLVA students and teachers from all across the state. If you
     interested in speaking with an FLVA parent and teacher in your local
 area as
                  they begin school, contact Patty Beitler at
                       904.721.0035 or plbeitler@k12.com.

SOURCE Florida Virtual Academy