Following Strong Spring Sales, Toshiba Announces Availability of Its Largest Ever REGZA(R) HD LCD TV Models

Toshiba increases market share by 90 percent in 32-42 inch LCD screen sizes

and looks to continue this strong growth with new larger model


Jun 29, 2007, 01:00 ET from Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C.

    WAYNE, N.J., June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Today at its summer press event in
 New York City, Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C. ("Toshiba")
 announced the availability of its 46", 47" and 52" REGZA LCD TVs as well as
 the upcoming availability of its largest ever LCD TV, a 57" Cinema
 Series(R) model. The availability of these larger TVs comes at an
 outstanding time for the company, as according to The NPD Group's retail
 tracking service TV data, which includes combos, Toshiba has nearly doubled
 its market share in the 32" to 42" LCD category in April and May 2007.
     "The feedback on our new REGZA LCD line-up has been exceptional, and
 our market performance has been astounding," said Scott Ramirez, Vice
 President of Marketing. "We listened to the voice of our customers, made
 quality products that are market right, and virtually doubled our 32" to
 42" LCD market share. We now start shipping our larger 46" to 57" models,
 including our Cinema Series models with the advanced ClearFrame 120 Hz
 Anti-Blur System, and are confident that we will continue the same level of
 success. Consumers are responding to the quality and design of REGZA, but
 more importantly, they are proving that Toshiba is a market leader in flat
 panel TV."
     NPD's data for April and May shows that Toshiba's LCD market share in
 the key 32" to 42" screen size range has grown by 90 percent to 10.8
 percent market share, making Toshiba #3 for 32" to 42" LCDs, including
 combos. In fact, Toshiba's 40" to 42" LCD market share has grown to 12.7
 percent, and the company's 37" LCD market share has grown to 13.2 percent.
     With the new model additions, Toshiba REGZA models will now be
 available in a wide range of screen sizes including 26", 32", 37", 42",
 46/7", 52" and 57" (diagonally measured). REGZA televisions also come in a
 variety of series including: the HL67 HD series, LV67 LCDVD(R) series,
 HL167 1080p Full HD series and LX177 Cinema Series. As a result of this
 fully comprehensive line, there is a REGZA television to fit the need of
 virtually every consumer, every room and every application, helping to
 ensure the continued market share growth of the REGZA line.
     The success of the 2007 REGZA line can be attributed to dramatic
 improvements in picture quality, connectivity and cosmetic design. All
 REGZA models incorporate key Toshiba technology including PixelPure3G(TM)
 14 bit internal digital video processing for accurate 12 bit output and
 DynaLight(TM) dynamic backlight, and feature beautiful high-gloss black
 cabinetry (differentiated by series) with Toshiba's SoundStrip(TM) speaker
 system. The 1080p Full HD REGZA series adds additional features such as
 ColorBurst(TM) wide color gamut CCFL, and CE-Link HDMI CEC control. At the
 top of the line are the Cinema Series REGZA models, which incorporate
 cutting-edge technology such as the ClearFrame(TM) 120 Hz anti-blur system
 and Deep Color.
     A standard LCD TV typically has a frame rate of 60 frames per second,
 or 60Hz. To avoid possible motion blur with fast motion video, ClearFrame
 doubles that frame rate to 120 frames per second, or 120 Hz. While there
 are many possible methods for creating the additional 60 frames, ClearFrame
 utilizes superior Motion Vector Frame Interpolation (MVFI) technology. MVFI
 analyzes Frame A and Frame B and creates a new Frame A+B. By evaluating the
 speed and direction of multiple picture elements within the frames, this
 advanced system virtually eliminates motion blur without decreasing image
 brightness or adding flicker.
     PixelPure3G, Toshiba's 3rd Generation digital video processor, runs at
 a fast 333 MHz, with high 14 bit internal digital video processing for
 accurate 12 bit output. This system is capable of producing an amazing
 4,096 levels of gradation (16 times greater than a standard 8 bit
 processor) for a smooth natural picture without image banding. PixelPure
 continuously monitors the incoming video signal, adjusting multiple picture
 quality parameters including real speed progressive scanning, dynamic
 gamma, dynamic MPEG noise reduction and now, dynamic back-light control.
 Superior processing creates a superior picture, and PixelPure 3G creates
 incredibly deep, vibrant, sharp and natural images.
     DynaLight utilizes advanced PixelPure histogram image processing to
 monitor the brightness level of each video frame and automatically adjusts
 the backlight intensity based on the image content. Precise signal analysis
 allows for 256 levels of backlight control, creating seamless transitions
 and a Dynamic Contrast that is up to 5X that of the original panel
 contrast. The result is a considerably deeper black level for increased
 detail and depth.
     ColorBurst significantly increases the LCD color space to reproduce 90+
 percent of the NTSC Color Gamut. By utilizing proprietary image processing
 and color control algorithms, ColorBurst expands the number of available
 colors and improves the color accuracy. This significantly improves both
 color purity and color saturation.
     CE-Link (HDMI CEC) allows two-way control between the TV and applicable
 source devices through an HDMI cable. The TV remote can be used to control
 the source device, or the source device's remote can be used to control the
 TV, allowing for simplified system operation, even when the source devices
 are not in sight. Unlike some manufacturers, Toshiba incorporates CE-Link
 into all three HDMI digital inputs, allowing customers to create an
 "in-room network" with CEC enabled devices such as a PC, DVD Player and A/V
     The momentum Toshiba has experienced around REGZA directly relates to
 the industry-leading technology, beautiful design and outstanding viewing
 experience the line provides. With the introduction of larger REGZA models
 packed with even more technology features, Toshiba expects to continue its
 strong growth and solidify its position as a leader in flat panel TV. For
 individuals interested in learning more about Toshiba REGZA televisions,
 please visit
     REGZA is The One To Watch!
     Expected Pricing and Availability
     26HL67 ($799.99, Available Now)
     32HL67U ($999.99, Available Now)
     37HL67U ($1,199.99, Available Now)
     42HL67 ($1,399.99, Available Now)
     26LV67U ($899.99, Available Now)
     32LV67U ($1,099.99, Available Now)
     REGZA 1080p Full HD
     42HL167 ($1,799.99, Available Now)
     47HL167 ($2,499.99, Available Now)
     52HL167 ($3,499.99, June 2007)
     Cinema Series REGZA
     42LX177 ($2,299.99, June 2007)
     46LX177 ($2,999.99, June 2007)
     52LX177 ($3,999.99, June 2007)
     57LX177 (TBD, July 2007)
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