FootPrints Offers Web-Based Tool for Software Development Groups To Streamline Activities With Centralized Issue Tracking and Communication

Feb 06, 2001, 00:00 ET from UniPress Software, Inc.

    EDISON, N.J., Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- UniPress Software, Inc., a leading
 provider of issue tracking and help desk software, today announced that
 FootPrints(R), the company's award-winning, web-based issue tracking and help
 desk system, offers a complete solution for companies to streamline their
 software development activities.  FootPrints dynamically tracks, collects and
 stores issues and solutions in a centralized knowledge base, which can be
 instantly accessed online using any standard web browser.  Development groups,
 regardless of location, can leverage FootPrints' web-based architecture to
 centrally record and track bugs and resolutions, review product and project
 histories, prioritize action items and notify team members about new features,
 bugs and changes.
     FootPrints offers a 100% web-based solution to automatically track and
 manage projects and tasks, while building a searchable online knowledge base
 of issues, information and solutions.  Bugs found, customer suggestions,
 planned features or a combination thereof can be entered directly into the
 system, where they can be prioritized and distributed to the appropriate
 members of the development team as necessary.  FootPrints can be fully
 customized using simple, web-based forms and pull done menus, enabling
 development groups to tailor project fields by module, product version and
 more.  No programming or training is required.
     Users can access the FootPrints system from any location, using a standard
 web browser.  No client software is needed.  FootPrints can be up and running
 in less than a week, installed on a central web server on Microsoft Windows
 2000 or NT, Unix or Linux.  Databases supported include MS SQL Server, Access,
 Oracle and FootPrints' custom, indexed GDBM-based database.
     As development issues are added, worked on and completed, FootPrints
 automatically sends email notifications of the latest status to keep the
 entire team up-to-speed.  To further streamline communication, team members
 can easily collaborate with one another by entering suggestions and feedback
 directly into FootPrints.  All activities are stored in FootPrints'
 comprehensive knowledge base.  Using the system's powerful built-in search
 features, team members can easily access the knowledge base and review product
 histories and other details to support ongoing development activities.
     FootPrints' web orientation also provides organizations with an integrated
 approach to software development, enabling other departments to offer feedback
 and insight to help drive various development activities.  Members of an
 organization's help desk or customer support teams, for instance, can use
 FootPrints to escalate feature requests and verified bugs to the development
 group, allowing them to better respond to critical issues and customer needs.
 Team members can receive information, updates and alerts via email, pagers,
 the web or wireless PDA devices.
     The FootPrints Starter Pack, which includes 3 Individual User Licenses
 (for complete read/write access to all FootPrints data), is priced at $2995.
 Additional Individual User Licenses start at $795 per user.  An Unlimited
 Group User License (for read/submit access only) is available for $1995.  For
 more information about pricing and leveraging FootPrints for software
 development, contact UniPress at 732-287-2100.
     About UniPress Software, Inc.
     Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey since 1983, UniPress Software, Inc. is
 a developer of web-based issue tracking software used by departments within
 large enterprise organizations, as well as small- and medium-sized businesses
 to support various help desk, CRM, development, consulting and other project
 management activities.  The company's flagship product, FootPrints(R),
 recently received a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Excellence 2000
 Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) and was also awarded
 Call Center CRM Solutions' Editors Choice 2000.  Current customers include
 Fortune 1000 companies, educational organizations and government agencies.  In
 addition to its Internet software business, UniPress is a global distributor
 of PC and UNIX connectivity tools, and has served more than 20,000 customers
 since its inception.  For more information, contact UniPress at 732-287-2100,
 or access the company's web site,

SOURCE UniPress Software, Inc.