For Cell Phone Etiquette, West is Best; New Survey From Samsung Explores Attitudes of U.S. Cell Phone Users

Oct 05, 2006, 01:00 ET from Samsung Telecommunications America, L.P.

    DALLAS, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Samsung Telecommunications America
 (Samsung) announced today the findings of a survey focused on consumer cell
 phone etiquette. Surprisingly, the survey revealed that while the West
 Coast was a little less tolerant of public cell phone use, there seemed to
 be a general agreement on when and where not to make or receive cell phone
      --  The Do's And Don'ts.  More than one in three Americans (34%)* says
          it's OK to talk on your cell phone while at a restaurant. Regarding
          answering cell phones in other questionable situations, such as a
          movie theater, a restaurant, a private conversation, a group setting
          like a class or a meeting or a first date, they are considerably less
      --  I Wonder If He's In To Me... I'll Ask Him When He Gets Off The Phone.
          One in ten Americans (11%) thinks it's perfectly fine to answer their
          cell phone while on a first date.
      --  Not Another Teen Movie! Almost one in ten teenagers (9%) says it is
          OK to answer a cell phone while in a movie theater.
      Is It Appropriate To Answer Or Make
      A Call On Your Cell Phone In Any Of
      The Following Situations?
                                                  Age             National
                                          Teens  Adults  Adults    Teens +
                                          13-19   20-55    56+      Adults
       At A Restaurant                     37%     36%     26%        34%
       On A First Date                     13%     12%      5%        11%
       During A Private Conversation       10%     13%      9%        11%
       In A Group Setting Like
        A Class Or Business Meeting        10%      7%      3%         7%
       Inside A Movie Theater               9%      6%      2%         6%
       None Of The Above                   56%     57%     70%        59%
      *  All decimals are rounded to the nearest percentage point. This may
         result in certain numerical totals adding up to slightly more or
         slightly less than 100%.
     IT'S NOT ME!
      -- People Are So Rude! Hold On, I've Got To Take This Call... A majority
         of Americans say they themselves are extremely considerate of others
         when talking on their cell phone (57%) but the average person, on the
         other hand, is not very considerate (51%).
      (Photo: )
      -- That Younger Generation! 79 percent of older Americans age 56 and up
         say they are extremely considerate cell phone users. Teens, however,
         graded themselves much lower with only 32 percent stating they were
         extremely considerate.
      -- Considerate Callers. Sixty-five percent of Westerners say it's
         absolutely not appropriate to make or receive cell phone calls in
         questionable settings and circumstances. Their phone manners exceed
         those of Southerners (60%), Northeasterners (56%) and Midwesterners
      -- And They Know It! Sixty-two percent of Westerners assert they are
         extremely considerate of others when talking on their cell: vs. 58
         percent of Midwesterners, 56 percent of Southerners and 53 percent of
     The survey, commissioned by Samsung, was conducted by Kelton Research
 and included more than 1,000 teen and adult cell phone users from around
 the country. Over the coming days Samsung will release additional findings
 from the survey, including a look at trends in mobile texting.
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