For Readers Striving to Stay Thin the French Way, DK Publishes French Diet Pioneer and Best-Selling Author Michel Montignac's The French Diet: The Secrets of Why French Women Don't Get Fat, In Stores May 2nd

New Book Offers A Proven "No Deprivation Diet" With Delicious Recipes and

Practical, Day-To-Day Advice for Eating Well, Losing Weight - and Keeping

It Off

Apr 04, 2005, 01:00 ET from DK Publishing

    NEW YORK, April 4 /PRNewswire/ -- DK Publishing today announces the
 forthcoming publication of a book by renowned dietician Michel Montignac,
 titled THE FRENCH DIET: The Secrets of Why French Women Don't Get Fat (May 2,
 2005;  $20.00, 192 pp; hardcover).  The book is a solution to reader demand
 for more specific information on precisely what to eat, when, and how, in
 order to reap the benefits of the French diet and lifestyle.
     The author of more than 20 books which have sold a combined several
 million copies worldwide, Michel Montignac's work is now being released for
 the first time by an American publisher with a 100,000-copy first printing due
 in bookstores on May 2, 2005.  With THE FRENCH DIET, Americans who have read
 about the benefits of the French lifestyle will now have access to the
 practical, day-to-day advice, scientific theory, and recipes behind this
 internationally recognized diet pioneer's method.
     The French have the lowest average body weight per capita in the Western
 world, and yet they eat famously well.  Montignac explains in THE FRENCH DIET
 that this not only has to do with which foods the French intuitively choose to
 eat, but their quality, freshness, and most importantly, the way that they are
 combined.  Although the book is based on the concept of glycemic index (GI),
 which other diet books discuss, THE FRENCH DIET breakthrough is in examining
 the net GI values of combined foods eaten as a meal -- what Montignac calls
 the "glycemic outcome."  This approach focuses on balanced, selective eating,
 not restriction or deprivation -- and the resulting delicious menus easily
 motivate long-term maintenance.  For example, Montignac notes in THE FRENCH
 DIET that you can have a glass of wine before your dinner -- but that it's
 better to first eat a small chunk of hard cheese -- so that the resulting
 insulin response is lowered, minimizing the metabolic reaction that leads to
 weight gain.
     While other diets focus on the "can'ts" and the "don'ts", THE FRENCH DIET
 encourages readers to savor eating and to discover new flavors, tastes and
 textures in addition to the ones they already know and love.  This positive
 approach will prove a welcome reprieve to readers who've suffered through the
 predictable backsliding of food-restricting diet plans. Montignac writes, "you
 can maintain a slim figure and still enjoy artfully prepared, delicious
 gourmet fare in your own kitchen every day."
     Already a phenomenon for years in Europe, Montignac's dieting methods have
 been helpful to millions of people around the world (including a celebrity
 following among devotees including singers, actors, and fashion designers) who
 have achieved impressive and long-lasting results and reduced their risk of
 developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes -- all without depriving
 themselves of the foods they enjoy.  The recipes included in THE FRENCH DIET
 will accommodate the most sophisticated palate with decadent-seeming
 selections such as foie gras canapes, poached oysters, entrecote steak
 Bordeaux-style, lobster Martinique, a variety of cheeses, and even chocolate
 mousse!  "Respect your body's pace and work with it and you will achieve all
 of your weight-loss and maintenance goals," the author reassures us.  "Here is
 a new appreciation of French food and a little taste of how it can not only
 help you lose weight but enjoy life to the fullest."
     In THE FRENCH DIET, readers will learn:
      * The scientifically supported metabolic theory behind the diet's weight-
        loss and maintenance phases
      * A range of classic French recipes for people who love cooking and
        eating good, fresh food
      * The secrets of optimizing what you eat
      * Clever tactics for social eating the French way
      * Why low-calorie diets don't work
      * How it's possible to enjoy chocolate and drink wine and still lose
      * Fail-safe strategies for quickly getting back on track after a lapse in
        following the program
      * Specific advice for women who have difficulty losing weight due to
        hormonal imbalances
      * How to convert bad, destructive eating habits into life-enhancing good
     Written for a range of readers, from those who dine out frequently, to
 yo-yo dieters, to those who don't want to give up wine or "the good life" but
 who do want to lose weight, THE FRENCH DIET reveals the secret to living,
 eating, and looking like the French with this delicious, deprivation-free
     About the author:
     World-renowned diet author and scientist Michel Montignac was born in
 southern France.  Excess weight put on over years of fattening business
 lunches while working for a large pharmaceutical firm led him to study
 nutrition.  After years of rigorous study of metabolism, Montignac developed a
 unique diet plan, which enabled him to lose 35 pounds in 3 months.  Through
 his ground-breaking work (corroborated by research conducted at Harvard
 University), he developed his diet, based on the glycemic index, into THE
 FRENCH DIET.  Montignac self-published his first book, Eat Yourself Slim,
 which went on to become an international bestseller. He has since published
 over 20 books that are available in 42 countries and in 25 languages.
      The Secrets of Why French Women Don't Get Fat
      By Michel Montignac
      Publication date: May 2, 2005
      ISBN: 075661578X
      Format: 6" X 9", Hardcover
      Pages: 192
      Price: $20.00
     For additional information about THE FRENCH DIET or to arrange an
 interview with Michel Montignac, who will be touring the U.S. this May, please
 contact Cathy Melnicki Sears at 646-674-4050 or

SOURCE DK Publishing