Forehead Advertising Pioneer Andrew Fischer is 'Ad' it Again

Jan 09, 2006, 00:00 ET from

    OMAHA, Neb., Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Andrew Fischer a.k.a. the "Forehead
 Guy," who received international attention after successfully marketing and
 selling advertising space on his forehead, earning over $50,000 last January
 by wearing a temporary tattoo (see ), has just
 announced plans to make his forehead available for corporate branding once
 again. After receiving thousands of emails from fans and potential advertisers
 over the course of 2005, he has decided to make his 30-day head turning
 campaign an annual marketing event.
     The 21-year-old web entrepreneur originally thought up the idea after
 seeing several high dollar eBay oddities in the news. He wanted to create a
 unique marketing concept that would hold value long after the final bid was
 placed, giving the winning company the best possible return on their
 investment. His original auction attracted bids from all sorts of companies,
 each excited about the idea of getting "ahead." His initial sponsor reported a
 five-fold increase in sales and name recognition for their business in 2005.
     Many other people have become human billboards since Fischer's forehead ad
 debut, including several individuals who have even provided companies with
 permanent ad space on their bodies. None, however, have achieved the high
 success rate and worldwide media attention that Andrew has garnered. He has
 been featured in news and media reports around the world for his key role in
 starting this revolutionizing new trend that is "Human Ad Space."
     Fischer's next forehead auction will go live on eBay Tuesday, January
 10th, 2006, with the starting bid of one cent. He plans to once again show the
 world that his unique form of advertising and top-notch marketing skills can
 get any business the maximum return on their investment.
     For the latest information and official news regarding his forehead ad
 ventures, visit
     About Andrew Fischer:
     Andrew Fischer started the popular "Human Ad Space" trend last year when
 he auctioned temporary ad space on his forehead. He has since appeared on
 several popular TV shows including Fox & Friends, Dayside, Good Morning
 America, Bullseye, and Inside Edition. He has also been featured in
 Entrepreneur Magazine, New York Times Magazine, PARADE Magazine, USA Today,
 New York Times, and the LA Times, as well as hundreds of syndicated newspapers
 as a top priority story by the Associated Press.