Forestry Association Names Sen. Mark Doumit as New Executive Director

Oct 06, 2006, 01:00 ET from Washington Forest Protection Association

    OLYMPIA, Wash., Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Washington Forest Protection
 Association (WFPA) has hired Sen. Mark Doumit, D-Cathlamet, to the
 leadership position of Executive Director effective Nov. 1. Doumit follows
 current Executive Director, Bill Wilkerson, who steps down at the end of
 December. He will be the sixth Executive Director of the Association since
 it was founded in 1908.
     "We are honored and excited that the Senator accepted the position to
 lead our industry association. His 18 years of experience in public office
 combined with his background in farming, forestry and natural resources
 makes him the ideal candidate for the job," said Steve Tveit, President of
     Doumit is looking forward to working with private forest landowners
 from the other side of the issues. Having served in the legislature for the
 past decade, he's worked on many forestry, environmental and natural
 resources bills. Now he has the opportunity to look at it from the
 landowners' perspective.
     "I've worked in natural resources industries for most of my life as a
 commercial fisherman, small tree farmer and cattle rancher. I understand
 the importance of stewardship of our natural resources, but also the
 practical application of the regulations on the ground. I believe there is
 a balance between what we need to do to protect public resources, and
 keeping our natural resource based communities economically viable," Doumit
     "Doumit has a record of working across the aisle in the political
 arena," said Wilkerson. "In fact, he reports that some of his greatest
 achievements were during the three years the legislature was evenly split
 between Republicans and Democrats. Having a leader who is willing to work
 in a bi-partisan fashion is important to working the issues that will
 sustain our forest land base in the future."
     A Washington native, farmer, commercial fisher and a business
 administration graduate of Washington State University, Doumit served as
 Wahkiakum County Commissioner for eight years, then another ten in the
 Washington State Legislature. Six of those years were spent in the House
 and the past four in the Senate. He also chaired the House Natural
 Resources Committee and is currently Vice Chair of the Senate Natural
 Resources Committee. He is also a volunteer fire fighter.
     Doumit's record demonstrates the importance of service to his community
 and the people of Washington State. "Leaving public office will be quite a
 change for me and my family. I will miss the arena, and want to thank
 everyone who has supported me over the last 18 years, but now I have an
 opportunity to give back from another perspective," said Doumit. "Doing
 what we can to keep working forests economically viable, while practicing
 in an environmentally responsible manner is the job at hand. I look forward
 to the challenges presented by an ever increasing population base,
 increased demand for wood products, and increased value of resource
 protection and open space."
     WFPA's Executive Director provides leadership for the forest products
 industry in the political, policy and public arenas, representing 4.2
 million acres of private forestland. The trade association works to achieve
 stable forest regulations through the use of science in development of
 forest policy and works in collaboration with key stakeholders to advance
 its objectives.
     WFPA is committed to advancing sustainable forestry in Washington State
 to provide forest products and environmental benefits for the public, by
 establishing balanced forest policies that encourage investment in
 forestland, protection of fish, water and wildlife and promote responsible
 forest management as a preferred land use.

SOURCE Washington Forest Protection Association