Former Miss Vermont, Katy Johnson, Breaks Silence On Injunction Against 'Depraved Web Site'

Jun 05, 2003, 01:00 ET from Katy Johnson

    BOCA RATON, Fla., June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The former Miss Vermont and Miss
 Vermont USA, Katy Johnson, who won a preliminary injunction against a web site
 that demeans women and promotes character assassination, is speaking out.
     According to Ms. Johnson, Tucker Max exploited her image and published
 scurrilous lies about her on his web site just to sell T-shirts and other
 merchandise.  Last month, a Florida judge ordered a temporary injunction
 against Max forcing him to take down all references to "Katy Johnson" and
 "Miss Vermont" on his web site.  "I feel vindicated by the judge's decision,
 and I hope this suit will put an end to the ugly untruths he parades on this
 reprehensible web site.  Since the lawsuit began, I have been contacted by
 other victims of his lies who have offered their support," said Ms. Johnson.
     Ms. Johnson says Max's assertions published on his web site that she is a
 "whore" and a "prostitute" are malicious, false and hurtful.  She vehemently
 denies the story about her on the web site.
     "I never intended to be a champion of privacy rights or become involved in
 First Amendment issues; to me this is about Right vs. Wrong, and he was wrong
 to attack my reputation on the Internet for no other reason than his own
 commercial gain."
     Ms. Johnson says that she did not file the lawsuit out of vengeance but to
 stop further damage to her reputation and others.  Her biggest concern was
 that little girls trying to visit her web site to see the Starrlettes or Miss
 Vermont web sites for pageant information were being diverted by search
 engines to Max's depraved web site.
     She filed the lawsuit under FL Statutes 540.08, which prevents
 unauthorized use of name or likeness and provides for punitive damages and
 royalties, in order to get swift justice through an injunction and conclude
 the lawsuit quickly.  Ms. Johnson says that Max has willfully violated the
 injunction since it was issued, and she intends to go back to court to find
 him in contempt.  "This person is greatly harming me by the way he is
 associating my name with his immoral web site and the disgusting products he
     Ms. Johnson, a member of MENSA, is a columnist for Pageantry Magazine and
 author of "True Beauty:  A Sunny Face Means A Happy Heart."  She will be
 appearing on the MTV documentary "MADE" on June 28, as a coach who has one
 month to turn a tomboy into a beauty queen.  Katy's cartoon web site promotes character for 8 to 12-year-old girls through her
 Starrlettes comic strip.
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SOURCE Katy Johnson