Former TV News Anchor Catherine Bosley Boots Paris Hilton From Number One Spot After 11 Weeks; Howard Dean Scream Catapults Candidate Onto List For First Time Ever

Lycos Search Presents The Lycos 50 for Week Ending January 24, 2004

Jan 27, 2004, 00:00 ET from Terra Lycos

    WALTHAM, Mass., Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Terra Lycos (Nasdaq:   TRLY), the
 global Internet Group, today announced the following information from The
 Lycos 50(TM), the 50 most popular user searches for the week ending January
 24, 2004.  For a complete list of The Lycos 50(TM) and for in-depth text of
 The Lycos 50 Daily Report, go to  Readers of The Lycos 50
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     The Lycos 50(TM) Top 10 Search Terms for the Week Ending January 24, 2004:
      1)   Catherine Bosley         6)  Brooke Burke
      2)   Paris Hilton             7)  Dragonball
      3)   KaZaA                    8)  The IRS
      4)   Britney Spears           9)  Pamela Anderson
      5)   NFL                     10)  Atkins Diet
     Notes of Interest:
     After 11 weeks at number one on The Lycos 50, the Paris Hilton (#2) tape
 was finally kicked out of the top spot by another unexpectedly naked minor
 celebrity.  Last week, Ohio television news anchor Catherine Bosley was forced
 to resign due to pictures circulating around the Internet of her participation
 in a wet t-shirt contest in Florida.  This week, there was even more interest
 in Bosley, slightly putting her ahead of Hilton, with eight percent more
     Election Watch:
     For a long time, Howard Dean (#23) was getting far more Internet attention
 than his competitors.  Then last week John Kerry and John Edwards, who both
 beat Dean in the Iowa caucuses, were generating as much or more search
 interest than the former Vermont governor.  Near the end of the week, however,
 there was a new surge in Dean interest partly due to his "passionate" speech
 the night of the Iowa caucuses, commonly known as the "Dean scream."  As the
 week went on, more and more Web users went searching for Dean's infamous
 speech and by Friday, Dean and the speech were getting four times as many
 searches as earlier in the week.  Queries include searches for the Howard Dean
 remixes, where folks were sticking the sound of the speech onto rap and techno
 backgrounds to make music out of it.   The other candidates are still
 generating plenty of searches as well.  John Kerry nearly makes this week's
 Lycos 50 (#55) and John Edwards searches end the week four times higher than
 the week before, although not enough to make the top 50.
     Other Notes of Interest:
     It didn't get much attention here in the United States, but the launch of
 the Web site Evidence in Camera (#28) was a very big deal this past week in
 Europe.  Such a big deal, in fact, that Evidence in Camera, like the Ellis
 Island Web site launched three years ago, ran out of bandwidth on its first
 day.  Evidence in Camera features more than five million detailed aerial
 photos of major events during World War II, from aerial shots of the Auschwitz
 concentration camp to dramatic pictures of the US landings on Omaha Beach.
 These images were declassified years ago, and for a long time were only
 available if interested parties searched through the archives by hand.  Having
 the photos on the Internet is a big step.  When the site made news by getting
 too much traffic, people went searching for it, enough to put the site on The
 Lycos 50.
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