Former Unilever CTO to Lead OSDL's Work With Linux Users in Europe

Jul 13, 2006, 01:00 ET from Open Source Development Labs

    BEAVERTON, Ore., July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The Open Source Development
 Labs (OSDL), a global consortium dedicated to accelerating the adoption of
 Linux(R) and open source software, today announced it has appointed Colin
 Hope-Murray as its Linux User Advisory Council (LUAC) director for Europe,
 the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Hope-Murray will focus OSDL's EMEA
 efforts with a specific emphasis on the requirements of Linux and open
 source users.
     Europe is considered a spawning ground for Linux and open source
 projects. With projects such as Linux, Mandriva, MySQL, Trolltech and many
 others rooted in Europe, the region is in a position to drive new business
 opportunities around these technologies. Hope-Murray will help facilitate
 user discussions that bring potential obstacles to the surface and help
 drive solutions.
     "Colin's leadership position as a Linux and open source user at
 Unilever will be especially valuable to OSDL's LUAC as more companies and
 governments throughout EMEA put these technologies into their IT mix. Colin
 knows firsthand both the requirements and the freedoms of Linux," said
 Stuart Cohen, CEO of OSDL. "Also key is Colin's contribution to OSDL's
 North American LUAC success. He was a driving force with this Council from
 the beginning and will apply best practices to EMEA where the market is
 primed for new growth and continued innovation."
     OSDL hosts LUACs in North America, Asia/Pac and EMEA. The Councils are
 made up of senior-level IT executives who advise on the most pressing
 requirements for Linux and share successes on deployments. Hope-Murray will
 lead efforts to increase participation and programs for OSDL's EMEA LUAC.
     "The OSDL LUACs are an extremely important component of the Linux and
 open source software market. They are the voice of the customer and
 understanding their experiences is critical to ongoing adoption," said
 Colin Hope-Murray, director of the EMEA LUAC, OSDL. "I'm looking forward to
 working with users in EMEA where so much of the world's open source talent
 is located."
     Most recently, Hope-Murray was chief technology officer of Unilever's
 Global Infrastructure Organization with worldwide responsibility for IT
 strategy, architecture, research and development. He has also consulted for
 a number of multinational organizations on leading-edge solutions and
 practices. As chair of OSDL's North American LUAC and in preparation for
 his position as director of OSDL's EMEA LUAC, Hope-Murray established a
 Linux Roadmap and an Open Source Strategy for enterprise planning and
 adoption. Previously, Hope- Murray spent 20 years with Digital Equipment
 where he conducted corporate research and development and managed
 international standardization and open systems in North America, Europe and
 the Far East. He also works as executive director for Third Nature, an open
 source consultancy firm based in Connecticut.
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