Former US Assistant Secretary of Defense Appointed to the Board of IatroQuest Corporation

Apr 20, 2004, 01:00 ET from IATROQUEST CORPORATION

    MONTREAL, April 20 /PRNewswire/ - IatroQuest Corporation, a leading
 developer of advanced biosensing technologies based in Montreal, Canada, is
 pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Arthur L. Money to the board of
 directors of the company.
     Mr. Money brings to IatroQuest more than 40 years of management and
 engineering experience with the defense electronics industry and intelligence
 community. From 1999 to 2001, Mr. Money was Assistant Secretary of Defense for
 Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence for the American Government.
 He also served as Chief Information Officer for the Department of Defense and
 Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Research, Development and
 Acquisition. He was also President of ESL Inc., a subsidiary of TRW that was
 consolidated with TRW's Avionics and Surveillance Group.
     "Mr. Money will provide IatroQuest with increased visibility and insight
 into the US government intelligence community/national security marketplace",
 stated John Schafer, CEO of IatroQuest. "His experience and leadership will
 help us better serve the needs of the biodefense market, both for military and
 civil defense applications, which is one of the primary markets targeted by
 IatroQuest for its Bio-Alloy(TM) technology."
     "I am enthusiastic about joining the board of a company with such an
 exciting technology, which can fill the critical need for biodefense in
 America and the world", said Art Money.
     IatroQuest Corporation's breakthrough, patented biosensing platform
 technology called Bio-Alloy(TM), can rapidly detect and identify a wide range
 of biological and chemical agents, without labels and with a high degree of
 sensitivity and selectivity. It has specific advantages over similar
 technologies to meet the requirements and urgent needs of the biodefense
 industry that is resulting from the increase in worldwide terrorism. Recently,
 IatroQuest Corporation announced that it has signed a deal with In-Q-Tel, a
 private not for profit venture capital group funded by the US Central
 Intelligence Agency (CIA) to enhance and customize its Bio-Alloy(TM)
 technology to better meet national security needs.
     About IatroQuest Corporation
     Founded in 1998 and based in Montreal, Canada, IatroQuest Corporation
 ( ) is shaping the future of biosensing using a
 revolutionary patented technological platform called Bio-Alloy(TM), which
 combines biotechnology, advanced semi-conductor materials, nanotechnology and
 photonics. Bio-Alloy(TM) makes a wide range of products possible in several
 market segments, such as biodefense, life sciences research and point-of-care
 diagnostics. Bio-Alloy(TM) has unique characteristics that enable rapid
 detection and quantification, with a high degree of sensitivity and
 specificity without using labels, of a wide range of biological agents as well
 as small chemical molecules.