Free Program to Special Needs/Autism Children Who Cannot Write!

May 13, 2008, 01:00 ET from The TV Teacher, LLC(TM)

    ATLANTA, May 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Two entrepreneurs, so
 confident about their new handwriting product and how it has helped
 thousands of special needs children across the country, are giving away
 hundreds of demonstration DVDs for free!
     The TV Teacher, LLC(TM) was founded by the mother of a child with
 Autism, Susan Ellis, and her son's occupational therapist, Marnie
 Danielson. Together, they developed an innovative way of teaching Susan's
 son, Ryan, how to write letters in minutes after traditional therapy had
 failed him for years. "I knew I had to think outside the box on this issue
 because everything we had been trying wasn't working", says Ellis. "Ryan
 always enjoyed watching television, and he imitated everything he saw. I
 suddenly knew that using our TV was the way I had to teach Ryan to write."
     It worked so well that the two creators now have a professional DVD
 program called Alphabet Beats that is used in school systems across the
 country. Marnie Danielson, co-creator of The TV Teacher, LLC(TM), says,
 "The testimonials we receive are amazing! We know this isn't just something
 that worked for one child. Our concept of this multi-sensory
 approach-combining visuals with rhythmic chants-is making that "connection"
 with thousands of other children. We hear it over and over again how they
 are motor planning for the first time in their lives!"
     The TV Teacher, LLC(TM) is offering free demonstration DVDs in the
 month of May for special needs children struggling to write. "These demo
 DVDs contain one complete three-minute letter chapter that the child can
 watch and learn how to write that letter. In this one letter chapter
 demonstration," says Ms. Danielson, "it will be apparent if this new
 approach is going to work for them. And we believe it will!"
     According to Ellis, "As a parent of a special needs child, you worry
 about regression of skills during the summer. This is such a fun and easy
 program to use. We hope it will be a helpful tool for many families during
 these next few months and will keep their child's momentum going."
     These Alphabet Beats demo DVDs are available in a limited quantity.
 Demos can be obtained by going to and filling out the
 "contact us" page to give address information.
Contact: Susan Ellis 770-313-3019

SOURCE The TV Teacher, LLC(TM)