Free Report Illustrates Pioneering Approach to Improving Safety and Reducing Costs in Transportation Industry

Aug 20, 2004, 01:00 ET from CIRCADIAN

    LEXINGTON, Mass., Aug. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Driver fatigue is a leading
 safety hazard in the transportation industry, one that has been attributed to
 some $12 billion in yearly costs, and thousands of deaths.  And while Hours of
 Service regulations and other approaches have been implemented to reduce
 fatigue-related accidents, these methods have historically fallen short.
     A pioneering new approach developed by CIRCADIAN, the leading experts in
 reducing costs, risks, and liabilities in extended hours operations, uses
 proprietary Circadian Alertness Simulator (CAS) software to predict patterns
 of driver fatigue and alertness.  Such predictive capabilities allow for a
 risk-informed, performance based approach to managing driver fatigue, by
 empowering managers to identify individual work-rest patterns with the highest
 fatigue risk, and hold managers personally accountable for fatigue risk.
     "Managing Driver Fatigue, a Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Approach," is
 a free white paper now available for download at  In
 it, managers and dispatchers will find detailed information and real-world
 examples on the benefits of a risk-informed, performance-based approach,
 including how it can do the following:
     * Reduce dangerous driver high fatigue risk by nearly 25%
     * Decrease accident rates by 60%
     * Reduce gross written premiums by up to 120%
     "What we're seeing, for the first time, is a unique opportunity to
 intervene at the root cause of costly, deadly accidents, rather than
 addressing them on a per-incident basis," said Brian E. O'Neill, CIRCADIAN's
 marketing and communications coordinator, and co-author of the white paper.
 "Managers and dispatchers now have the ability to make safety-conscious
 decisions, while having sufficient flexibility to balance specific operational
 needs and to stay competitive."
     About CIRCADIAN:  CIRCADIAN is the leading international research and
 consulting firm assisting companies with extended hours operations to improve
 profits by increasing productivity and reducing the increased costs, risks,
 and liabilities of human factors.  CIRCADIAN's mission is to empower its
 clients to effectively use extended operations to compete in the global 24/7
 economy.  Extended hours operations encompass all work environments with
 irregular schedules, night and evening shifts, or extended hours, typically
 outside the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.  Since its incorporation by Dr. Martin
 Moore-Ede in 1983, more than half the Fortune 1000 has benefited by working
 with CIRCADIAN.  For more information, visit
     Contact: Brian O'Neill