FreeLotto's Latest Million-Dollar Cash Prize Winner Had Just Taken Pay Cut

Now? 'I'm Going to Travel to Europe,' She says

May 15, 2000, 01:00 ET from FreeLotto

    NEW YORK, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Twenty-eight-year-old Jennifer Fisher of
 Porterville, Calif. quit her job at a Wal-Mart distribution center this winter
 because she was tired of the manual labor.  Instead, she took a lower paying
 position as a clerical worker.  The switch was a physical relief, to be sure,
 but with it came the headaches of supporting herself and a 10-year-old
 daughter on a smaller paycheck.  Then came FreeLotto(TM).com, the Internet's
 number-one ranked sweepstakes and promotion web site (source: PC Data Online).
     Just two days after being introduced to FreeLotto by a co-worker, Fisher
 became the game's fifth lump-sum, million dollar winner by correctly picking
 all six numbers in the daily, free lottery-style sweepstakes.
     "I didn't believe it at first," Fisher said of the life-altering phone
 call she received from Kevin Aronin, chairman of FreeLotto's parent company,
 PlasmaNet.  But, once the reality of her good fortune sunk in, the Idaho
 native said she realized she would be able to fulfill a long-time dream of
 traveling to Europe.
     "This is incredible," she said. "Maybe, just maybe, I might have won some
 movie tickets or something like that a long time ago, but nothing like this.
 Even when I played FreeLotto, I didn't actually think for a moment that I
 would win one million dollars!"
     Fisher said she chose her numbers purely at random. "I don't have a
 'system' or set numbers," she said.
     Aronin said the increasing frequency of million-dollar FreeLotto
 winners -- there have been three in the past three months -- is his own dream
 come true.
     "As I have said many times before, our goal is to give away a million
 dollars every day," he said.  "As our player base continues to grow, we move
 closer and closer to our objective.  To dramatically change someone's life by
 handing over a million dollar check is the greatest feeling one could ever
     Previous FreeLotto million dollar winners were Susan Vazquez of Waukegan,
 IL;  Glenda Sexton of Lincoln City, OR; David Lamoureaux of Chicago; and
 Blanche Bolam of North Santee, SC. Bolam, a 77-year-old great-grandmother,
 received her cash prize on April 18.
     FreeLotto's lineup of games includes:
     * "Classic FreeLotto": Players select six numbers (out of 54).  Anyone
       correctly selecting all six numbers drawn in the daily, lottery-style
       ball-drop drawing wins $1 million cash, paid in a lump sum.  Prizes also
       are awarded for correctly picking five numbers ($300), four numbers ($5)
       and three numbers ($1).  Since its launch in June 1999, more than
       2.1 million checks have been issued totaling more than $8.3 million.
     * "Win a Car": Players correctly selecting six numbers out of 42 win a new
       luxury car with a value of up to $50,000.
     * "Fast Cash": Players correctly picking six numbers out of 33 win
       $10,000 in instant cash.
     * "Super Free Lotto": Players correctly selecting seven numbers out of
       50 win the daily drawing for $10 million.  This is believed to be the
       largest daily prize offered anywhere on the Internet.
     FreeLotto players are eligible to submit one entry for each of the four
 games every day, a total of four FreeBets(TM) a day.
     To participate in FreeLotto, players log onto to
 select their numbers.  Once selected, the numbers appear on a game board and
 players are asked to click on one of three advertising banners in order to
 submit their FreeBet, which is then confirmed via e-email.  FreeLotto is fully
 advertiser supported.  More than 160 million FreeBets have been placed since
 FreeLotto's launch, with new players joining at a rate of 500,000 each week.
     According to figures from PC Data Online, was the top-ranked
 "Sweepstakes & Lottery" and "Promotions" site for March, and 20th largest web
 property overall.  FreeLotto reached 19 percent of all Internet users in
 March, with 12.9 million unique visitors.

SOURCE FreeLotto