Freeplay(TM) Energy Introduces Companion

A new integrated compact device for radio, lighting and charging on the go

Jan 22, 2008, 00:00 ET from Freeplay Energy plc

    SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Freeplay Energy(TM), the
 leading brand of dependable, portable, self-sustaining products, today, at
 the Winter Outdoor Retailer show, announced the launch of its new
 integrated compact device called the Freeplay Companion in the United
 States and Canada. Freeplay Energy's clean patented technology harnesses
 solar, rechargeable, and human-powered energy and converts it into
 electricity to power unique portable, consumer products replacing
 conventional battery powered systems that are environmentally toxic and
     The Freeplay Companion is a radio, a flashlight, and a cellphone
 charger, all in a unit that's only 125 mm long (4.9") and 200 g (7 oz). It
 has a solar panel and a crank so you'll never run out of power, and you'll
 never have to buy disposable batteries.
     The Freeplay Companion Radio promises assured listening, anytime,
 anywhere. This compact, robust radio boasts a rubberized body with recessed
 control knobs for impact resistance and comfort. Big on functionality, but
 small in size, the Companion is a radio, a flashlight and a cellphone
 charger that fits easily into your bag, your glove box or your drawer -
 ready when you need it, where you need it. The AM/FM radio has an earphone
 socket for personal listening. The flashlight has 3 LEDs with optics
 optimized for a focused light. The integrated cell phone charger means that
 you'll never be out of touch because of dead batteries.
     Offering a choice of self-charge, solar and external recharge power
 options, the Companion delivers complete independence from wall power or
 disposable batteries while ensuring sustainable access to information and
 entertainment. Freeplay's patented self-charge technology means excellent
 reliability. A 1-minute wind gives you 20 minutes of radio listening at
 normal volume, or 30 minutes of light, and you can wind some more at any
 time for as much play time / shine time as you want. An LED charge level
 indicator tells you the best speed to wind.
     In direct sunlight the Companion will charge itself and play
 continuously. The internal NiMH battery can be fully charged from either
 the solar panel or an external charging adapter (any standard mini-USB AC
 charger will do), to give 12 hours of play time (depending on volume), or
 16 hours of shine time.
     Designed as a companion for those who appreciate the security of a
 failsafe radio and who value independence from conventional power sources,
 the Companion is fun and convenient, anytime, anywhere.
Benefits -- Green energy - a sustainable product that's built to last. -- The Companion offers a real alternative to grid electricity or fossil fuels - never worry about buying, carrying or disposing of batteries again. -- When the battery runs down and you need to wind for power, the Freeplay self-charge mechanism converts your kinetic energy into stored electricity. -- Wind even when the radio's playing or the flashlight's shining to top up the battery at any time - never be left in the dark, miss the end of that song, the end of the game or that last item in the news report. -- Wind to put power into your cellphone even while your call is still in progress - never drop that call. -- The plastic molding and rubberized grip makes it easy to carry and use when the weather is cold. -- Compact, rugged and weatherproof, the Companion is perfect around the barbecue, inside your home, out camping or as a vital source of information during storms or blackouts. "We are excited to be the first green technology company to bring this product to market. Freeplay's products are built to last and the compact size of this product and integrated nature of the offering brings tremendous value for the North American consumer. Retailing at approximately $30 to $32 dollars we feel that the Freeplay Companion offers as much utility as the Swiss Army Knife - making it an essential for all outdoor enthusiasts," said Rahul Sharma, vice president, marketing and sales for Freeplay Energy. The Freeplay Companion is available for sale at REI in the US and also at About Freeplay Energy: Freeplay Energy plc is the original and leading global brand of clean, dependable energy products. Freeplay Energy's patented technology harnesses human, solar and rechargeable energy and converts it into electricity to power unique portable consumer products, replacing conventional disposable batteries that are environmentally toxic and expensive. The current product range includes radios, flashlights, lanterns, mobile phone chargers and standalone foot-powered generators. Freeplay Energy's Lifeline radio is distributed throughout the developing world by the Freeplay Foundation ( and other aid and development organisations such as UNICEF and other United Nations agencies. Further information about Freeplay Energy plc and its products can be found at
Freeplay Energy - Energy for Life For More Information: Rahul Sharma, (416) 551-5242

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