Fresh Express Celebrates National '5 A Day Week'; Goes for World's Record By Making Salad of Olympian Proportions

3,000 Pound Caesar Salad Promises to Be Gold Medal Contender for Guinness Book

Sep 13, 2000, 01:00 ET from Fresh Express

    SALINAS, Calif., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- For Fresh Express, the creator
 of retail packaged salads, putting together the ingredients for healthy salads
 happens 365 days a year -- but not on the scale of the one they will build
 tomorrow to raise awareness for National Five A Day Week.  The industry
 innovator is teaming up with the Raley's supermarket chain to make the World's
 Largest Caesar Salad with Light Dressing and set a record in the process.  The
 national 5 A Day campaign urges people to eat at least 5 servings of fruits
 and vegetables everyday.  It is the nation's largest public/private
 partnership and the only initiative promoting all produce.
     WHAT:       The creation of a giant Caesar salad will be meticulously
                 documented (weight, pounds, etc.) in order to help Fresh
                 Express claim the official title of "world's largest salad".
                 Salad samples will be offered to the public.  Almost
                 1,000 pounds will be donated to Food For Families, a coalition
                 of California food banks.
     WHEN:       Thursday September 14, 2000
                 11:00 am Salad Completion
                 11:10 Remarks
                 11:30 Consumer Sampling
     WHERE:      Raley's Supermarket
                 1601 West Capitol Drive
                 West Sacramento, CA 95691
     PHOTO OPS:  Assembly of salad ingredients; 1600 heads of romaine lettuce
                 weighing more than 3000 pounds with "croutons" of actual
                 loaves of bread.  Salad will be made inside of a bowl 4 feet
                 deep and 16 feet across.  Consumer sampling, costumed
                 characters, food banks donation.
     WHO:        Fresh Express/Raley's Officials
                 California Coordinator, 5 a Day
                 Food For Families Representative
     Fresh Express products range from traditional lettuces, to fancy greens,
 to full meal kits that include salad dressings and other condiments.  FE has
 developed proprietary techniques and processes to assure freshness, quality
 and safety all the way from the field to the grocery store.  The salad
 contains no preservatives.  They are thoroughly washed, dried, and packaged in
 patented keep crisp bags and kept at an optimum cool temperature for freshness
 and delivered to consumers within 48 to 72 hours of harvesting in the field.

SOURCE Fresh Express