Frida Kahlo-Pasion Por La Vida Launches New Skin Care Line

100% Natural Skin Care Products Capture Mexican Icon's Passion For Life

Nov 15, 2007, 00:00 ET from Frida Kahlo Skin Care

    NEW YORK, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- New York City-based Naturals Skin
 Care, Inc. today announced the launch of the Frida Kahlo(R) skin care line.
 The company has also opened their first retail space, "Frida Store", at 95
 E. Page Avenue, Staten Island, New York, to showcase the new line of 100%
 natural skin care products.
     The Frida Kahlo skin care line and retail store are the brainchild of
 Venezuelan-born aromatherapist, holistic cosmetologist, and Naturals Skin
 Care CEO, Antonio Sciortino. Last year, Sciortino and partners Carlos
 Dorado, President of Casablanca Fashion Group, Alberto Perosch, and
 Antonino Sciortino met with the Kahlo family in Mexico to acquire the
 rights to the name and likeness of the renowned painter and activist for
 their skin care line.
     "We feel we have captured the essence and spirit of Frida Kahlo's work
 in this line," said Sciortino, who has been producing premium, natural skin
 care products since 1992. Last year, the Kahlo family permitted Sciortino
 to read through the private journal and letters of Frida Kahlo. "Reading
 her letters was a life changing experience for me. She was very much into
 aromatherapy herself-mixing and creating her own makeup and lotions,"
 Sciortino added. Much like Kahlo's ability to embrace nature, the skin care
 line balances the complexities of natural essential oils that have positive
 benefits for the body and spirit.
     Using only 100% natural essentials such as rosemary, bergamot and
 aphrodesia oils, Sciortino has created a line of over 30 products,
 including the signature "Omega-3" Collection, which consists of hand and
 body lotions, shower gels and anti-aging and anti-wrinkle face creams.
     The launch of the Frida Kahlo skin care line is scheduled to coincide
 with an exclusive, red carpet engagement to be held on the evening of
 November 15, 2007, at Frida Store, in Staten Island, New York. A second
 retail location is scheduled to open in February 2008, in Miami's Bay
 Harbor Islands. To learn more about Frida Kahlo 100% Natural Skin Care
 line, or for a complete list of products, visit
     About Frida Kahlo-Passion Por La Vida (R) and Frida Store (R)
     Frida Kahlo 100% natural skin care products capture the "passion for
 life" of their legendary namesake. The signature "Omega-3" line utilizes
 ingredients such as rosemary oil and Japanese green tea to promote healthy,
 rejuvenated skin. The company's first retail location, Frida Store, is
 located in Staten Island, New York. To learn more, visit
     Media Contact: John Rarrick, BullsEye PR
                     (212) 671-1080 X103

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