Frontline Applauds Request for E Block Open Access Delivered by Key Developers of Wireless Services, Devices

Jun 07, 2007, 01:00 ET from Frontline Wireless

    WASHINGTON and GREENSBORO, N.C., June 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --
 Frontline Wireless today lauded the request by a newly formed group of
 wireless innovators that the FCC use the upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction
 to ensure that there is a platform for innovation on at least a small
 portion of the spectrum to be made available.
     In a letter filed today at the FCC, the Wireless Founders Coalition for
 Innovation supports the wholesale, open access E Block for 700 MHz proposed
 by Frontline to the FCC. Under Frontline's plan, wireless open access would
 be required as a condition on just one part of this "beachfront" spectrum,
 which the FCC will auction later this year.
     "Open access is the open door to bringing the center of consumer
 electronics invention back to the United States," said Frontline Vice
 Chairman Reed Hundt. "Open access is the translation of the FCC's famous
 'four freedoms' into the wireless world."
     Under Frontline's proposal, requiring that just a small slice of these
 airwaves be freed for wholesale, open-access use will create more
 competition and innovation in the wireless market, greater broadband
 penetration in the United States and more choices for first responders as
 part of a built-for- free shared wireless broadband network.
     The Coalition, which brings together key wireless innovators who are
 behind a series of "firsts" in the industry, calls for wireless open access
 to free innovation from the bottleneck created by the "Big 4" mobile
 carriers in the United States. "Having to engage with the Big 4 at each
 cycle in the process can slow time to market and increase risks and costs
 for the entrepreneur. One should not have to negotiate with an access
 provider to offer a product elsewhere in the value chain," the letter said.
     In response to the letter, Frontline issued the following statement:
     "These entrepreneurs got it right: A wireless open access requirement
 for the E Block will finally foster wireless innovation at 'Internet
 speed.' And these innovators should know because, as they say in the
 letter, they have 'been there, and done that.'
     The signatories have been behind key wireless innovations, such as the
 first and most successful MVNO in the United States. The status quo of the
 large wireless companies has led, and continues to lead, to less
 competition, fewer consumer choices and no real option for first responders
 who need a funded, advanced wireless broadband network for
 interoperability. The open access and wholesale proposal for the E Block is
 the best way to bring the Internet society of the United States into the
 wireless world and to bring the wireless networks of first responders from
 the 20th century into the 21st century."
     For information about Frontline, contact Mary Greczyn at 202-371-2997.
 For a copy of the Coalition letter, go to:
     About Frontline Wireless
     Frontline Wireless, LLC ( is based in
 Greensboro, N.C., with offices in Washington, D.C. Frontline's team
 includes Chief Executive Officer Haynes Griffin, Chairman Janice Obuchowski
 and Vice Chairman Reed Hundt. Frontline's partners include legendary
 high-tech entrepreneur James L. Barksdale, software radio technology
 innovator Vanu Bose, L. John Doerr for the venture capital firm of Kleiner
 Perkins Caufield and Byers and Ram Shriram, Managing Partner of venture
 investment company Sherpalo Ventures.

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