Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week Presents Symposia to Address Standards and Trends of the Electronics, Hi-Tech, and Telecommunications Industries

RosettaNet to Guide Attendees Through B2B Strategic Roadmap, Milestone, and

Foundational Programs

Sep 05, 2002, 01:00 ET from Advanstar Communications, Inc.

    CLEVELAND, Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanstar Communications, Inc., today
 unveiled the agenda for the upcoming Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week
 symposia that focus on the electronics, hi-tech, and telecommunications
 industries.  These symposia provide attendees with a detailed look at
 standards that help optimize effective supply chain solutions in the
 electronics, hi-tech, and telecommunications markets.  According to AMR
 Research's report, Manufacturing E-Business Outlook 2002-2003:  The
 Performance-Driven Enterprise, "Despite the dour economy, leading
 manufacturers are continuing to invest in technology to support their e-
 business strategy.  AMR Research believes that all manufacturers will have to
 continue to invest in technology to attain the level of business process
 improvements that they are striving for and prepare for the world of virtual
 global supply chains that will emerge as the economy recovers."
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     Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week presents two industry symposia,
 which take place September 23-24 at McCormick Place, Lakeside Center in
 Chicago, including:
      * RosettaNet Hi-Tech Symposium: Driving E-Business Standards on a Global
        Focuses on RosettaNet's B2B Strategic Roadmap and highlights the
        Milestone and Foundational Programs, which are developed to address
        critical business issues in the hi-tech industry.  RosettaNet
        concentrates on e-business process scenarios and standards to enhance
        supply chain collaboration and efficiency
        -- Hosted by RosettaNet
        -- Sponsored by Baan, Inovis, IONA, J.D. Edwards, SAP, SITA Corp., and
      * Telecom Product Marketing & Logistics Symposium
        Discusses the Telecommunications Industry Forum's (TCIF) guidelines for
        product marking and package labeling.  This is an in-depth instruction
        on bar code technology, standards and symbologies, scanning options,
        printing considerations, verification methods, quality processes,
        syntax definitions, and business operation improvements
        -- Hosted by Telecommunications Industry Forum (TCIF) Bar Code/Standard
           Coding Committee and Alliance for Telecommunications Industry
           Solutions (ATIS)
        -- Sponsored by AIM, Inc., Hand Held Products, and Intermec
     About Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week
     Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week focuses on providing attendees with
 a comprehensive look at the technologies required to build an end-to-end
 supply chain solution.  Understanding that there are multiple components
 necessary to build a comprehensive supply chain solution, Advanstar has built
 a "three pillar" event, consisting of:
     * Automatic Identification (AutoID) & Radio Frequency Identification
       (RFID) conference & exposition
     * Industrial Mobile & Wireless conference & exposition
     * Collaborative Commerce conference & exposition
     Running concurrently, the conferences will take place September 23-26 with
 one integrated exposition open September 24-26 at McCormick Place, Lakeside
     Three notable individuals that are distinctly recognized for their
 critical role in supply chain management advancements will keynote at
 Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week:
     * Procter & Gamble's Stephen David, CIO & B2B Officer focuses on "Creating
       Consumer Value From Rich Collaborations."  In this discussion, Mr. David
       talks about first-hand steps P&G is taking to optimize its supply chain
       and explains why today's B2B applications and marketplace exchanges must
       change to fit the needs of the environment
     * J.D. Edwards' CTO, Michael Madden, speaks about "Integration In
       Collaborative Commerce."  Mr. Madden discusses current and future
       technologies for delivering a robust integration framework
     * AMR Research's VP & GM CPG, Life Sciences and Retail Industry Services,
       John Fontanella, leads the "SuperSession Panel Discussion with SAP."
       Designed exclusively to address the challenges currently being faced by
       today's industry leaders, through an interactive conversation with SAP,
       Procter & Gamble, and others
     For more information on Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week, visit .  To attend call 1-877-232-0132, or to exhibit call
     About RosettaNet
     RosettaNet is an independent, non-profit consortium dedicated to the
 collaborative development and rapid deployment of open Internet-based business
 standards that align processes within the global high-technology trading
 network.  More than 400 companies representing more than $1 trillion in annual
 information technology, electronic components and semiconductor manufacturing
 revenues currently participate in RosettaNet's standards development, strategy
 and implementation activities.  More information on RosettaNet can be found
 at .
     About Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS)
     The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) is a member
 company organization that is the leader for standards and operating procedures
 for the telecommunications industry.  More than 400 telecommunications
 companies participate in ATIS' 18 committees, forums, and Incubator Solutions
 programs, where work focus includes wireline and wireless network
 interconnection standards, number portability, improved data transmission,
 Internet telephony, toll-free access, telecom fraud, and order and billing
 issues, among others.  ATIS is accredited by the American National Standards
 Institute (ANSI).  Visit the ATIS web site at .
     About Telecommunications Industry Forum (TCIF)
     The Telecommunications Industry Forum (TCIF) is the catalyst to link
 people, information and technology electronically.  TCIF, which is sponsored
 by the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), was founded
 in June 1986 to promote understanding and implementation of global standards,
 guidelines and emerging technologies involving electronic data interchange,
 electronic commerce and bar coding.  Visit the ATIS web site at .
     About Advanstar Communications, Inc.
     Advanstar Communications Inc. is a worldwide business information company
 serving specialized markets with high quality information resources and
 integrated marketing solutions.  Advanstar has 92 business magazines and
 directories, 79 exhibitions and conferences, numerous Web sites, and a wide
 range of direct marketing, database and reference products and services.
 Advanstar serves targeted market sectors in such industries as art,
 automotive, beauty, collaboration/e-learning, CRM/call center, digital media,
 entertainment/marketing, fashion & apparel, healthcare, internet/e-business,
 manufacturing and processing, pharmaceutical, powersports, science,
 telecommunications, and travel/hospitality.  The Company has over 1,300
 employees and currently operates from multiple offices in North America, Latin
 America, Europe, and Asia.  For more information on Advanstar Communications,
 visit .
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