Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week Presents Symposia to Address Standards and Trends of the Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods Industries

Procter & Gamble Address their SPEC 2005 Material Label Requirements, and the

Uniform Code Council, Inc. and UCCnet discuss Industry Standards and Standards

Based Registry and Data Synchronization Solutions

Sep 05, 2002, 01:00 ET from Advanstar Communications, Inc.

    CLEVELAND, Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanstar Communications, Inc., today
 unveiled the upcoming Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week symposia that
 focus on the retail and consumer packaged goods industries.  These symposia
 provide attendees with a detailed look at standards that help optimize
 effective supply chain solutions in the retail and consumer packaged goods
 markets.  According to AMR Research in the Retail Market Trends Report, 2001-
 2003, "Retail companies, like others, are now focusing on ways to reduce
 expenses.  Industry standards and standard based applications are essential
 for reducing the transmittal of incorrect data and associated costs throughout
 the supply chain.  Increasing efficiency in the supply chain with Supply Chain
 Management (SCM) applications is one way to quickly achieve this goal.  Larger
 retail companies have already recognized the cost reduction possibilities of
 SCM applications and are devoting 25 percent of their applications budget to
 SCM.  Midsize retailers are not far behind, dedicating 17 percent of their
 budget to (supply chain management)."
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     Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week presents six industry symposia,
 which take place September 24-25 at McCormick Place, Lakeside Center in
 Chicago, including:
     * Procter & Gamble Spec 2005 Material Label Symposium
       Focuses on the new SPEC 2005 Material Label format and technology
       requirements, including the rationale behind the Label, how P&G Label
       fits within industry standards, and the P&G timeline for Label
       -- Hosted by Procter & Gamble Corporation
       -- Sponsored by AIM, Inc., Hand Held Products, Intermec, Printronix,
          Psion Teklogix, Stratix, Symbol Technologies, and Zebra
     * Retail Channel:  Linking Product to Electronic Information Symposium
       Discusses the complex supply chain of balancing inventory management,
       customer service and collaboration based on open industry adopted
       standards.  Learn how the EAN.UCC System provides identification
       standards to uniquely identify trade items, logistic units, locations,
       assets and service relations worldwide
       -- Hosted by Uniform Code Council, Inc.
     * Shipping, Receiving & Global Standards Symposium
       The Uniform Code Council Inc., the developer and administrator of the
       U.P.C. bar code, discusses streamlining the shipping and receiving
       process to improve operating efficiencies, reduce cost, and expand
       partner collaboration with customers and suppliers through the use of
       the EAN.UCC System
       -- Hosted by Uniform Code Council, Inc.
       -- Sponsored by Hand Held Products and Intermec
     * UCCnet GLOBALregistry(TM) and Data Synchronization Primer & Benefits
       Focuses on the strategies UCCnet uses to enable efficient B2B electronic
       commerce to increase supply chain efficiencies and profit margins for
       both supply-and demand-side trading partners
       -- Hosted by UCCnet
       -- Sponsored by Inovis, IONA, J.D. Edwards, SAP, and SITA CORP
     * UCCnet Implementation Symposium
       Showcases how UCCnet reduces costs associated with incorrect data for
       both supply and demand side partners.  Leading retailers and both large
       and SME suppliers and UCCnet alliance partners discuss how to
       successfully implement UCCnet services
       -- Hosted by UCCnet, UCCnet Subscribers & Alliance Partners
       -- Sponsored by Commerce One, Inovis, IONA, IPNet Solutions, J.D.
          Edwards, SAP, SeeBeyond, and SITA CORP
     * XML:  Roadmap to Success Symposium
       The Uniform Code Council, Inc., provides B2B users with a global
       language of e-business to conduct efficient Internet-based electronic
       commerce.  Topics include XML overview, implementation guidance, tools,
       interoperability, and XML usage for improving communication between
       trading partners
       -- Hosted by Uniform Code Council, Inc.
     About Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week
     Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week focuses on providing attendees with
 a comprehensive look at the technologies required to build an end-to-end
 supply chain solution.  Understanding that there are multiple components
 necessary to build a comprehensive supply chain solution, Advanstar has built
 a "three pillar" event, consisting of:
     * Automatic Identification (AutoID) & Radio Frequency Identification
       (RFID) conference & exposition
     * Industrial Mobile & Wireless conference & exposition
     * Collaborative Commerce conference & exposition
     Running concurrently, the conferences will take place September 23-26 with
 one integrated exposition open September 24-26 at McCormick Place, Lakeside
     Three notable individuals that are distinctly recognized for their
 critical role in supply chain management advancements will keynote at
 Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week.
     * Procter & Gamble's Stephen David, CIO & B2B Officer focuses on "Creating
       Consumer Value From Rich Collaborations."  In this discussion, Mr. David
       talks about first-hand steps P&G is taking to optimize its supply chain
       and explains why today's B2B applications and marketplace exchanges must
       change to fit the needs of the environment
     * J.D. Edwards' CTO, Michael Madden, speaks about "Integration In
       Collaborative Commerce."  Mr. Madden discusses current and future
       technologies for delivering a robust integration framework
     * AMR Research's VP & GM CPG, Life Sciences and Retail Industry Services,
       John Fontanella, leads the "SuperSession Panel Discussion with SAP."
       Designed exclusively to address the challenges currently being faced by
       today's industry leaders, through an interactive conversation with SAP,
       Procter & Gamble and others
     For more information on Frontline Solutions' Supply Chain Week, visit .  To attend call 1-877-232-0132, or to exhibit call
     About the Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC)
     The Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC) is a not-for-profit standards
 development organization originally founded in 1972.  The UCC, along with its
 global partner EAN International, administers the EAN.UCC System, which
 includes the Universal Product Code (U.P.C.) and other tools to facilitate
 efficient global trade.  The EAN.UCC System is used by nearly one million
 member companies.  The UCC functions as a primary resource for business and
 industry, developing worldwide identification codes, data carriers, and
 electronic commerce.  The UCC is currently working on new Extensible Markup
 Language (XML) and interoperability protocols for trading networks. The UCC
 can be reached at .
     About UCCnet
     UCCnet is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt neutral organization that provides
 item registry and data synchronization based on industry-developed standards.
 Through its support of global EAN.UCC standards, UCCnet delivers an open
 platform for collaborative commerce services, including compliance
 verification, synchronization of product information, registry and lifecycle
 management of synchronized products, user locations and user trade
 capabilities.  As a subsidiary of the Uniform Code Council, Inc., the global
 standards organization, UCCnet leverages its position to enable the rapid,
 clear development of industry Internet standards and practices.
 Visit for more information.
     About Advanstar Communications, Inc.
     Advanstar Communications Inc. is a worldwide business information company
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 integrated marketing solutions.  Advanstar has 92 business magazines and
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