FSMLabs Brings Its RTLinux to ARM Processor-Based Platforms for Hard Real-Time Handheld and Wireless Applications

Increases Responsiveness and Reliability of Linux-Based Mobile Handsets,

PDAs, Handheld Instruments and SOHO Networking Devices

Based on ARM Processor Technology

Jul 05, 2005, 01:00 ET from FSM Labs, Inc.

    SOCORRO, N.M., July 5 /PRNewswire/ -- FSMLabs, (http://www.fsmlabs.com), a
 core system software development company targeting mission-critical
 applications, today announced availability of their popular RTLinuxPro
 development and deployment platform for a wide array of ARM(R) processors.  By
 combining hard real-time responsiveness with support for ARM processors,
 RTLinuxPro has greatly broadened its application space to include mobile
 phones and other hand-held devices, SOHO wireless and wireline networking
 (access, routers, home gateways, etc.), medical and industrial portable
 instruments, and myriad other applications formerly addressed with proprietary
 legacy embedded OSes.
     RTLinux enables system level developers targeting ARM devices to:
      *  Meet real-time deadlines on low clock and power-managed Linux-based
      *  Support baseband interfaces in Linux-based mobile phones and other
         wireless devices without costly dedicated wireless modem chips
      *  Combine multimedia applications and signal processing on a single ARM
         CPU core
      *  Reach line-speeds in Linux-based home networking devices, with faster
         out-of-band processing and exception handling
     ARM and RTLinux -- Enabling the Marketplace
     According to market analysts at Venture Development Corporation (VDC), ARM
 processors lead the embedded market in design wins and volume shipments.  VDC
 studies also show Linux leading embedded wins, with 25% share in 2004 growing
 to 29% in 2005.  However, these same studies indicate that the leading
 inhibitor to Linux adoption continues to be real-time performance.  "That's
 where RTLinux comes in," responds Victor Yodaiken, FSMLabs president and CEO.
 "RTLinux lets ARM processor based Linux applications realize their full
 performance potential, enabling mobile phones, consumer electronics gadgets,
 networking devices and instruments deliver on end-user expectations."
     ARM participates strongly in open source Linux development, and the ARM
 sub-tree of the Linux kernel is mature and forward-looking.  "ARM technology
 powers a range of Linux-based applications, from mobile communications to
 consumer electronics to storage," said Mary Inglis, Director, Operating
 Systems and Alliances, ARM.  "FSMLabs' RTLinux lets ARM Partners and their
 customers meet stringent design requirements for these and other applications
 with hard real-time performance and support for key ARM processors and
     RTLinuxPro for ARM processors is available immediately from FSMLabs and
 its worldwide channel partners.  The RTLinuxPro tool kit includes FSMLabs
 real-time development and deployment environment for ARM processors, together
 with a complete standard Linux distribution including a 2.6 kernel, provided
 on a single installation DVD-ROM.  Included is support for the ARM920T(TM) and
 ARM926EJ-S(TM) processors, with chip and board support for SoCs from Atmel,
 FreeScale, Intel (PXA and IXP), Texas Instruments (OMAP) and other ARM
 Partners.  For a complete list of supported hardware, contact FSMLabs.
     About FSMLabs
     FSMLabs provides hard real-time solutions designed for reliability and
 simplicity of operation, that target mission-critical applications.  FSMLabs
 was founded in 1998 and is a privately held, revenue financed, core system
 software developer with headquarters in New Mexico and sales and engineering
 staff in Alaska, Florida, India, Russia, Korea, and Japan.  FSMLabs products
 include RTLinux, RTCore BSD, Lnet real-time networking, PSDD protected memory
 real-time and ControlsKit XML/RPC interface builder.  For more information,
 visit www.fsmlabs.com or email business@fsmlabs.com.
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