FTSE Indexes to Adopt Industry Classification Benchmark

Dec 20, 2005, 00:00 ET from FTSE Group

    NEW YORK, December 20 /PRNewswire/ -- FTSE Group ("FTSE"), will adopt the
 Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) as its main classification system for
 companies and industries within its indexes and data products, beginning
 January 2, 2006. ICB is a four-tier hierarchical industry classification
 structure centered on a rules-based methodology for placing listed companies
 and securities within sectors. ICB was launched in January 2005 and the
 system is a partnership of Dow Jones Indexes and FTSE Group.
     By integrating ICB into their infrastructure, FTSE index users will have
 the opportunity to access the market's most innovative and flexible industry
 classification structure. ICB has become a common standard used by the
 world's major stock exchanges, index providers, financial information and
 market data distributors, as well as publishing and media organizations
     Throughout 2005, ICB has established itself as the market's preferred
 classification system. It is designed to offer the financial industry a
 unified and comprehensive means of classifying 40,000 companies and 45,000
 securities around the world. It allows users to monitor broad trends, focus
 on small market niches, and also perform qualitative and quantitative
     Mark Makepeace, Chief Executive, FTSE Group said, "FTSE clients will
 benefit from the additional features and transparency that ICB offers, and
 will already be aligned to the systems of major stock exchanges and financial
 institutions around the globe, which now also use ICB."
     "ICB offers comprehensive global coverage and an innovative
 classification structure that appeals to clients across the investment
 community," said James Cemprola, managing director of ICB. "ICB serves as a
 versatile tool and will bring added expertise and value to FTSE and its
     More information about the Industry Classification Benchmark is available
 at www.icbenchmark.com.
     Note to Editors:
     About Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB)
     ICB is the new global solution for industry classification. A joint
 effort of FTSE Group (FTSE) and Dow Jones Indexes, ICB is a comprehensive
 system for sector and industry analysis, facilitating the comparison of
 companies across four levels of classification. The system is supported by
 the ICB global database which contains over 40,000 companies and 45,000
 securities worldwide. For more information about ICB, visit
 www.icbenchmark.com. Fore more information about FTSE, visit www.ftse.com;
 for more information about Dow Jones Indexes, visit www.djindexes.com.
     About FTSE Group
     FTSE Group is a world-leader in the creation and management of indexes.
 With offices in London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Madrid, Paris, New York, San
 Francisco, Boston, Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo, FTSE Group services clients
 in 77 countries worldwide. It calculates and manages the FTSE Global Equity
 Index series, which includes world-recognised indexes ranging from the FTSE
 All-World Index, the FTSE4Good series and the FTSEurofirst Index series, as
 well as domestic indexes such as the prestigious FTSE 100. The company has
 collaborative arrangements with the Athens, AMEX, Cyprus, Euronext,
 Johannesburg, London, Madrid, NASDAQ and Taiwan exchanges, as well as Nomura
 Securities, Hang Seng and Xinhua Finance of China. FTSE has also developed
 ICB, a single sector classification system for global investors, in
 conjunction with Dow Jones Indexes.
     Real-time FTSE indices are calculated on systems managed by Reuters.
 Reuters also supplies prices and FX rates used in the index calculations.
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