'FULL GROWN MEN' Wins 2007 Sundance Channel Audience Award for the 'indieWIRE: Undiscovered Gems' Film Series

Prize Winner Earns Opportunity for a Theatrical Release and Sundance

Channel Television Broadcast

Jan 28, 2008, 00:00 ET from indieWIRE

    NEW YORK, Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Emerging Pictures, the New York-based
 digital cinema network, announced today that "Full Grown Men" is the winner
 of the 2007 Sundance Channel Audience Award for the year-long "indieWIRE:
 Undiscovered Gems" film series. Directed by David Munro, "Full Grown Men"
 took home the coveted prize that earns its filmmakers the opportunity for a
 theatrical release through Emerging Pictures with a $50,000 marketing
 budget, and an additional $50,000 license fee for the television premiere
 on Sundance Channel.
     An official selection in major film festivals (including Tribeca and
 Mill Valley), "Full Grown Men" is the bittersweet tale of a young man who
 learns the hard way that the best years of his life may still lie ahead of
 him. Starring Matt McGrath ("Broken Hearts Club"), Judah Friedlander
 ("American Splendor"), Amy Sedaris ("Strangers With Candy"), Alan Cumming
 and Debbie Harry, the movie has been hailed by critics and audiences as a
 very funny, tough-minded film - some comparing it to "Sideways."
     "Full Grown Men" is the story of Alby Cutrera, a man who yearns for a
 time when life was carefree and action figures were twelve inches tall.
 When his wife insults him for being more of a playmate than a father to his
 young son, Alby heads for safety and tracks down his boyhood pal Elias
 whose memory of their younger days is considerably less rosy. They set out
 on a road trip to Diggityland, their favorite place as kids, but simpler
 times turn complicated as the two friends confront the landmines of their
 past. Journeying through Florida, they encounter a cast of wounded roadside
 romantics, each one shedding light on the perils of not letting go,
 imparting lessons about growing up and moving on.
     The "Undiscovered Gems" series is based on indieWIRE's annual list of
 the top 15 films from major festivals around the world that have yet to
 find a theatrical distributor; the series is co-sponsored by The New York
 Times and Emerging Pictures, in association with Sundance Channel.
 Audiences rate the films at each of the venues, with the highest scorer
 winning the Sundance Channel Audience Award.
     The 2007 series kicked off in February with Steve Barron's "Choking
 Man," followed by Erwin Wagenhofer's "We Feed The World" in March, Goran
 Dukic's "Wristcutters" in April, Julia Kwan's "Eve and the Firehorse" in
 May, The Brothers Nee's "The Last Romantic" in June, Randy Walker and
 Jennifer Shainin's "Apart From That" in July, Amir Muhammad's "The Last
 Communist" in August, Olivier Masset-Depasse's "Cages" in September, and
 culminating with David Munro's "Full Grown Men" in October. With support
 from Sundance Channel, the audience award-winning filmmaker gets a
 theatrical release in a minimum of five U.S. cities during 2008, as well as
 an exclusive television broadcast on Sundance Channel.
     Using Emerging's digital technology, the series brings one film per
 month from indieWIRE's annual list to theaters in a minimum of 10 to 15
 cities, including Cinema Village in New York City; Theater N in Wilmington,
 DE; Cinema Paradiso in Ft. Lauderdale, Lake Worth Playhouse in Lake Worth,
 and the Tropic Cinema in Key West, FL; Capawock Edgartown in Martha's
 Vineyard, MA; Galaxy Cinema in Cary, NC; Raue Center for the Arts in
 Crystal Lake, IL; Frontier Caf� and Cinema in Brunswick, ME; and Time &
 Space Ltd. in Hudson, NY.
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