Full-Motion Video and Audio CD-ROM Training for SQL Server 2000

Aug 14, 2003, 01:00 ET from SMI Corp.

    NEW YORK, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- SMI Corp. has today released a
 full-motion video and audio CD-ROM training course for Microsoft SQL Server
 2000 Administration.
     With the "Practical Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Administration on 21
 CD-ROMs" training course from SMI Corp., database administrators will learn
 techniques for installing, configuring, administering and programming
 Microsoft SQL Server 2000.  Expert database architect Kalman Toth's friendly
 presentation style makes this complex technical subject matter easy to
 understand.  At the conclusion of this course the student will be prepared for
 successful database administration and be ready to pass exams #70-028 and
 #70-228, which provide core credits toward MCDBA certification and elective
 credits toward MCSE certification upon successful completion.  Since the
 course is practical in nature, DBA (Database Administrator) candidates should
 be able to pass job interviews and perform well in DBA capacity.
     Kalman Toth is a recognized expert in Database design, modeling,
 programming and administration with specific expertise in Microsoft SQL Server
 and Sybase.  Since 1998, he has accumulated 8 database certification from
 Microsoft.  Kalman is an MCDBA.  He is database consultant to large
 corporations such as Citibank, UBS, Deloitte & Touche, Dun & Bradstreet,
 Reuters, Lehman Brothers and web properties company Traffix.
     All 21 CD-ROMs contain full motion screen image video with rich audio
 narration.  They were prepared with Camtasia Studio (camtasia.com), and played
 back via Flash (macromedia.com).  Audio recording was done with Duo
 Professional Preamp.  This particular method of multimedia training represents
 the best learning environment for the student.  It is also the most cost-
 effective way of acquiring database knowledge and administration skills.  Each
 CD-ROM (chapter) is broken down to units, typically 10 minutes in length.
 Students can replay each unit as many times as necessary to master it.  Mouse
 movements in Enterprise Manager (administrative GUI tool) can be learned by
 tracing the full-motion screen image.  Students can achieve verbal confidence
 -- necessary for interview and performance on the job -- by narrating along
 loudly.  Database scripting and programming can be mastered as they are run in
 Query Analyzer (programming tool), and explained by the expert trainer in the
 background.  Other administration tools, such as DTS (Data Transfer Services),
 are being presented as well with true moving monitor images in full color.
     Mastering the full-motion screen image video 21 CD-ROMs SQL Server
 Administration training series is equivalent to three years' on-the-job
 experience.  That is the source of confidence for DBA candidates looking for
 their first jobs.
     It is also the source of reassurance for IT professionals expanding their
 database skill set.
     The training package is priced at $695, and is currently shipping.
     For more information and test-drive visit www.sqlusa.com.
     Any questions email sales@sqlusa.com.
     Press Contact:
       Kalman Toth of SMI Corp.
       Tel: 845-426-3152
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