FunMobility Introduces America's Best Mobile Flix!, the First Community-Based Video-Sharing Service for Mobile Devices

Revolutionary New Service Brings User-Generated Video to Wireless for the

First Time; America's Best Mobile Flix! Available in Q2 2007

Mar 27, 2007, 01:00 ET from FunMobility, Inc.

    ORLANDO, Fla., March 27 /PRNewswire/ -- CTIA Wireless -- FunMobility, a
 leading mobile entertainment, community, and lifestyle company, today
 announced the introduction of the first community-based, video-sharing
 service, America's Best Mobile Flix! (AFLIX), specifically developed for
 mobile users. By allowing consumers to quickly and easily shoot, submit, or
 watch videos generated by other members, all from their cell phones, AFLIX
 combines the phenomenon of social networking with the increasing popularity
 of video sharing to create an extensive community of subscribers with a
 shared interest in mobile user-created video content. The service launches
 across multiple carriers in the second quarter 2007.
     "With the explosion of YouTube, Revver, and similar online
 destinations, wireless video sharing has massive mainstream potential, and
 it represents a perfect fit for today's young generation whose cell phones
 are integral parts of their lifestyles," said Julien Blin, wireless analyst
 at IDC Research. "Following the success of its America's Best Mobile Pix!
 service, FunMobility has introduced a mobile video-sharing service that is
 easy to use, and instantaneous to enjoy. With AFLIX, the company is well
 positioned to capitalize on this consumer demand, and may lead the way for
 the next generation of video sharing."
     With the increased popularity and sell-through of cell phones with
 video capabilities, users can now shoot video anytime and anyplace,
 allowing them to capture spontaneous moments and memorable events. AFLIX
 subscribers can upload and share their videos in seconds simply by pointing
 and clicking, and without being tied to a personal computer or laptop.
 Unlike traditional online video sharing sites, users will see real-time,
 viral impact within hours of shooting and posting their videos because of
 the close-knit community represented by AFLIX.
     AFLIX enables users to classify their videos in constantly-changing,
 sponsored contest categories, such as "Celebrity Sightings," "Crazy Kids,"
 "Sexiest Babes," and "Best Crashes." Videos can also be included in
 individual personal profiles, along with photos and other individual
 information. The service also gives subscribers the opportunity to review,
 comment on, and rate every video on AFLIX, right from their phones. Videos
 with the highest ratings will be featured in a special "best videos"
 category every day.
     "AFLIX marks the biggest product launch in FunMobility's history," said
 Adam Lavine, CEO of FunMobility. "For the first time, the most compelling
 elements of Web 2.0 will be placed right in the palms of consumers' hands,
 allowing them to communicate and share with each other easily, frequently,
 and visually. We are excited to build upon the success of America's Best
 Mobile Pix!, and engage millions of mobile subscribers with this killer
     In addition, AFLIX's unique "Video Ticker" feature keeps content fresh
 by displaying the latest and most popular videos right on users' mobile
 devices. Thumbnails are continuously updated, and scroll across the screen
 while subscribers browse video categories. Users can pause and resume the
 ticker at any time, or jump directly to a video that piques their interest.
 AFLIX also offers simple, distinctive video search capabilities, which
 allow users to tag videos of interest, or browse content by category, user
 profile, description, or location.
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