Fusion Sea Salts from SaltWorks, Inc. Go Mainstream Gourmet at 33rd Winter Fancy Food Show

Industry pioneer unveils naturally infused salt delicacies, Jan. 13-15,

Booth #1001, San Diego Convention Center

Jan 09, 2008, 00:00 ET from SaltWorks, Inc.

    WOODINVILLE, Wash., Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Just a little over five
 years ago, SaltWorks(TM), Inc. (http://www.seasalt.com) started its sea
 salt business, yet the company has quickly earned a name for itself as an
 innovative industry leader. Now, SaltWorks is once again adding to its long
 list of successful sea salt varieties by pioneering another notable
 product. Officially debuting this month, Fusion Salts by Artisan Salt Co.
 are a new line of sea salts infused with natural flavors. SaltWorks will
 unveil Fusion Salts at the 33rd Winter Fancy Food Show, taking place Jan.
 13-15, 2008, at the San Diego Convention Center (booth #1001) in sunny San
 Diego, Calif.
     "Fusion Salts are a totally new direction for gourmet salt, and we're
 extremely excited to showcase this to retailers, restaurants and the public
 in general," said Mark Zoske, CEO of SaltWorks, Inc. "What we did is
 develop a fusion process to create an entire line of flavorful salts. The
 process of infusing sea salt with flavor was quite an enigma, but we
 discovered a way to do it, and the outcome has been a tremendous -- even
 magical -- accomplishment."
     The idea for Fusion Salts goes back to 2005, when the company was
 trying to develop a merlot-wine salt, while maintaining SaltWorks'
 signature purity and its all-natural certification. Inspired by the desire
 to infuse sea salt with red wine, Zoske was faced with one major hurdle:
 how to get the flavor into the sea salt crystal?
     "We envisioned a finishing salt that was completely natural and tasted
 fantastic," Zoske said. "The answer came in the development of a
 proprietary process, which led to a custom-built fusion technology that
 combines two natural ingredients into one. Each fusion salt is paired with
 an ingredient that naturally complements its unique flavor and texture."
     Once the red-wine salt was mastered, other flavors were developed to
 capitalize on current food trends. Fusion Salts now include many tasty
 varieties, such as vintage merlot, black truffle, matcha (green tea),
 porcini mushroom, Szechwan pepper, sun-ripened tomato, balsamic vinegar,
 espresso and more. The product line will be continually expanded throughout
 the next few years, and like Artisan Salt Co. (http://www.artisansalt.com)
 and SaltWorks' other product lines, Fusion Salts are projected to be
 another major company achievement.
     About SaltWorks(TM), Inc.
     SaltWorks, Inc. is a specialty salt company that stocks over two
 million pounds of sea salt in 50 different varieties. SaltWorks prides
 itself on its approach to the sea salt business, focusing on traditional
 harvesting methods, sustainability, natural processes and quality.
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