Galtech Announces Semiconductor Materials and Motor/Generator Progress

Jul 12, 2000, 01:00 ET from Galtech Semiconductor Materials Corp.

    PROVO, Utah, July 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Galtech Semiconductor Materials Corp.
 (OTC Bulletin Board:   GTSM).  It was announced today by Galtech's president,
 Dr. William F. Pratt, that technology and product development progress is
 being made on a number of projects.
     Dr. Pratt announced the installation of a new automotive electrical
 charging system on the Porsche 914 test vehicle, baseline configuration.
 Installation of this upgraded equipment was necessary to improve the
 efficiency and data collection for the electric car.  Dr Pratt stated that
 funds are not yet available for development of Galtech's patented electrical
 motor technology, so the current emphasis is on data collection of the
 vehicle's performance over an extended period of time and through various
 seasonal conditions.
     In other developments, Galtech's compound semiconductor materials growth
 program continues with encouraging progress.  The first ampule grown with the
 new process was completed early in May of this year and has been sent to an
 independent outside testing laboratory to be sliced and analyzed to determine
 its quality and functional properties.  Test results have not yet been
 received, but visual inspection of the ampule was encouraging enough to
 warrant earlier (than planned) evaluation.  Additional process improvements
 have been and will continue to be made to Galtech's crystal growth equipment
 and processes due to lessons learned on the latest ampule.  Dr. Pratt stated
 that the latest improvements have increased the efficiency and stability of
 the equipment and performed very well in validation tests that were completed
 over the holidays.  He stated that additional crystal growth trials are to be
 started immediately but cautioned that "growth of these crystals is a long and
 arduous process that involves in-process testing and evaluation, validation of
 data and mathematical models, and adjustment of growth parameters.  It's a
 long process and a very unforgiving one.  We are probably more cautious than
 we'd like to be, but it has been paying off,"  Pratt stated.
     Dr. Pratt commented that: "as a management team we continue to be
 encouraged by our progress in the manufacture of cadmium telluride and our
 opportunities to commercialize our crystal growing process.  We are optimistic
 about what we have seen to date; the facility and equipment have performed
 well, and in accordance with our earlier expectations and analysis."
     Galtech is an innovative research and development company with its
 beginnings in the development and manufacture of high quality, specialty,
 compound semiconductor materials.  Galtech was reorganized in 1998 to
 manufacture compound semiconductor materials and is based in cadmium telluride
 (CdTe) process and product development.  Crystalline material made from this
 compound is capable of converting solar or other sources of radiant energy to
 electrical current.  Such materials are widely used in solar-cell arrays,
 lasers, infrared detectors and other devices.
     This press release includes forward-looking statements that involve risks
 and uncertainties.  It is not a solicitation to purchase or sell securities of
 Galtech Semiconductor Materials Corporation.  Readers should consult with
 their own independent tax, business or financial advisors with respect to any
 investment in this company.  For investor relations please contact William R.
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