Gas Gougers, Karl Rove, and Tom Cruise, Look Out! No One is Safe! The Fourth Annual Dilbert Weasel Award Nominees are Revealed

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weasel n: a long-tailed carnivorous mammal.


weasel n: any person or group that operates in that vast gray area between

good ethical behavior and the sort of activities that might send you to jail.

-Scott Adams

Oct 25, 2005, 01:00 ET from

    NEW YORK, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- As 2005 draws to an end, a fresh new
 crop of Weasels have sprouted and Dilbert creator Scott Adams has carefully
 exposed these double-dealing hooligans in his latest unscientific and fourth-
 annual Weasel Poll. Beginning today on, Dilbert readers are
 encouraged to help shape the future and embarrass these candidates by
 selecting the Weaseliest in six categories.
     From corporate giants like Wal-Mart and Fox News to illustrious
 individuals such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom DeLay, no one is safe from
 the 2005 Weasel Awards.
     Also new today on is Adams' highly anticipated Dilbert Blog,
 which fans can access at Want to learn what
 Adams really thinks of the newly-named Weasels or just discover what he eats
 for breakfast? Adams will share these thoughts with you and more. No subject
 is off limits and fans will be able to post comments and ask the Dilbert
 creator all the things they've been aching to know.
     Commenting on this year's poll and new Blog, Adams says, "This year we
 have a bumper crop of weasel candidates. Normally you'd need an election year
 to fertilize such a bountiful crop. But it turns out that natural disasters
 also do the trick. I'll weigh in with my own opinions on this and oh-so-much
 more in my new Dilbert Blog."
     Adams created the Weasel Award Poll in 2002 to give his fans a chance to
 rate some of the wide-spread weasel behavior of the year.  Based on the sharp,
 funny, and frighteningly true theories outlined in his book, Dilbert and the
 Way of the Weasel (HarperBusiness), the Dilbert Weasel Awards Poll invites
 Dilbert fans to vote for the weaseliest individuals and organizations of 2005
 on now through November 6.  Winners of the poll will be announced
 by Adams on Tuesday, November 8.
     Categories and nominees include:
     Weaseliest Organization
      * ACLU
      * Congress
      * Democrat Party
      * FCC
      * Organized Religion
      * Republican Party
      * United Nations
      * White House
     Weaseliest Country
      * France
      * Iran
      * North Korea
      * Saudi Arabia
      * Syria
      * USA (includes Iraq)
      * Venezuela
     Weaseliest Company
      * Fox News
      * Halliburton
      * Oil companies (Exxon, Chevron, etc.)
      * The New York Times
      * Wal-Mart
     Weaseliest Profession
      * Accountants
      * Lawyers
      * News media
      * Oil executives
     Weaseliest Profession, cont.
      * Politicians
      * Tobacco executives
     Weaseliest Individual
      * Arnold Schwarzenegger
      * Bill Frist
      * Cindy Sheehan (peace activist)
      * George W. Bush
      * Karl Rove
      * Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (Gov. of Louisiana)
      * Lindy England (Abu Ghraib abuser)
      * Mary Landrieu (Senator of Louisiana)
      * Michael Brown (ex-FEMA head)
      * Rafael Palmeiro (baseball player suspended for steroids)
      * Ray Nagin (Mayor of New Orleans)
      * Tom Cruise
      * Tom DeLay
     Weaseliest Behavior
      * Advocating the teaching of Intelligent Design in schools
      * Corporate boards approving CEO pay packages
      * Downloading music or movies without paying
      * Gas price gouging
      * Outsourcing
      * Politicians blaming other politicians
      * Reporting it as "finding supplies" when white people loot
     To vote, visit now through November 6 and look for
 the Weasel Poll link.
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