GDA Technologies Announces Availability of Advanced Mezzanine Reference Platform for Freescale's High-Performance MPC8548E PowerQUICC(TM) III Processor

Jul 27, 2006, 01:00 ET from GDA Technologies, Inc.

    ORLANDO, Fla., July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Freescale Technology Forum (FTF
 Americas) -- GDA Technologies, Inc., a fast-growing IP and Electronic
 Design Services (EDS) company, today announced the market-leading
 availability of its Reference Platform kit for Freescale Semiconductor's
 Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) based on the MPC8548E PowerQUICC(TM) III
 processor built on Power Architecture(TM) technology.
     The MPC8548E-based AMC is designed with high-performance Gigabit
 Ethernet interfaces and up to 8 lanes of PCI Express for embedded
 applications in broadband telecommunications and data communications
 networks. The board has four Gigabit Ethernet ports (two on the front panel
 and two on the edge connector) along with a debug port on the front panel
 and 8 PCI Express lanes on the AMC edge connector. The highly integrated
 MPC8548E processor architecture implemented on the AMC form-factor improves
 system performance, simplifies board design, lowers power consumption, and
 reduces system implementation cost. The 1.3GHz processor redefines the
 standard for high- performance AMC cards for AdvancedTCA(R) Carriers.
     The platform comes with packaged embedded software on Flash based on
 embedded Linux(R) OS with device drivers. GDA is working with leading
 software application stack providers to provide targeted software solutions
 to enable this platform into shippable end products at a rapid pace.
     "GDA is one of the first companies to offer the leading-edge MPC8548E
 on a high-performance industry-standard platform running seamlessly in
 target mode and supported with Linux source code. This product is aimed at
 helping our customers accelerate their own innovations and get to market
 much faster and with significantly reduced risk. The MPC8548E-based AMC is
 the latest addition to GDA's portfolio of Freescale PowerQUICC III
 processor-based reference platforms, which have already become segment
 bestsellers," said Gopa Periyadan, VP & GM of the System and Software unit
 at GDA Technologies. "The GDA 8548E AMC board is already available for sale
 from Arrow Electronics."
     "Backed by Linux OS and development support from GDA, the MPC8548E
 Reference Platform provides a powerful, cost-effective solution for a broad
 range of applications, such as wireless base stations, media gateways,
 enterprise network access systems, test and measurement systems, and server
 blades implemented on the AdvancedTCA platform," said Jeff Timbs, marketing
 director for Freescale's Digital Systems Division.
     "With the MPC8548E-based AMC, embedded developers and system
 integrators who desire the powerful capabilities of PowerQUICC III
 processors may quickly migrate to higher performance levels while
 leveraging proven development platforms to reduce the time and cost of
 getting to market."
     About GDA Technologies
     GDA Technologies, Inc. is a leading Electronic Design Services (EDS)
 and Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) having extensive experience with
 Freescale PowerQUICC, PowerPC, and i.MX architectures for the embedded,
 networking, and consumer electronics markets. GDA specializes in designing
 ASICs, FPGAs, IPs, boards, SoCs, software and complete systems from concept
 to product.
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      Manu Pillai
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