GE Opens Technology Center in China

Oct 24, 2003, 01:00 ET from GE

    SHANGHAI, China, Oct. 24 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- General Electric (NYSE:   GE)
 officially opened today its new China Technology Center in Zhangjiang Hi-tech
 Zone, Shanghai.  This US$64 million center is the latest facility to join GE's
 worldwide technology development efforts, which include the GE Global Research
 Center in Niskayuna, New York (1,800 employees), the John F. Welch Technology
 Center in Bangalore, India (1,600 employees) and the Europe Technology Center,
 in Munich, Germany (scheduled to open in early 2004).
     The GE China Technology Center will serve three fundamental roles: conduct
 advanced research and development of enabling technologies for future GE
 products and services; provide engineering support for GE's sourcing
 activities in China; and provide education for GE's employees, customers and
 suppliers.  The China Technology Center will be pivotal to GE in achieving its
 objectives of US$5 billion sales and $5 billion procurement in China by 2005.
     GE's decision to invest in the new technology center and locate the
 facility in China is part of its commitment to grow revenue through
 technological leadership.  ''GE's future is dependent on our ability to
 innovate and to differentiate our products and services around the world,''
 said GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt.  ''This Center and all our research
 efforts are the sparks for that essential innovation.  They will increase our
 ability to develop the key technologies that will drive our growth everywhere
 we do business.''
     The China Technology Center adds significant capacity and talent to GE's
 worldwide research and development activities.  ''To compete in a global
 market, you have to tap into the best talent from around the world and bring
 technology development closer to the customer,'' said Scott Donnelly, senior
 vice president and director of GE Global Research.  ''The China Technology
 Center gives us access to a wealth of talent in a variety of scientific
 disciplines and it's great place for us to showcase our technology to our
 customers in Asia.''
     The new center employs around 500 people today with projections to grow to
 1,200 employees by 2005.  Scientists and engineers at the new center will
 develop advancements in areas such as:
     -- Power electronics and controls, primarily for renewable energy systems
        (for example, wind), and power turbines.
     -- Advanced manufacturing, such as digital manufacturing technologies,
        prototyping and modeling.
     -- Medical imaging technologies such as permanent magnets for magnetic
        resonance imaging (MRI) and digital x-ray detector materials.
     -- Advanced materials, such as conductive polymers, organic coatings, and
        nano-materials for applications in hydrogen storage, electronic
        devices, and medical imaging devices.
     In addition, the center is the home of China sourcing teams for a number
 of GE industrial businesses ranging from Aircraft Engines, to Power Systems,
 and Consumer Products.  GE procures from China a broad range of items from raw
 materials to highly technical finished products for all of GE's businesses.
     The center also houses one of GE's largest training facilities.  The China
 Learning Center will educate employees, customers and suppliers in management
 development, technology development and advanced manufacturing technologies
 and practices, including Six Sigma.
     The new Center covers 47,000 square meters with 27 research laboratories
 occupying 18,000 square meters.  Showcasing GE's history of technology is a
 1000 square meter lobby housing a technology exhibition with displays ranging
 from jet engines, to power turbines to computed tomography (CT) & MRI systems.
     In 2002, Immelt announced GE's goal of $5 billion in sales and $5 billion
 in procurement in China by 2005.  ''Our China strategy has always been about
 growth in sales, sourcing and expanding the manufacturing capability to serve
 our customers in China and around the world,'' said Steve Schneider, chairman
 and CEO of GE China.''  This new center is at the heart of that strategy
 because it brings advanced R&D, broad-based technology sourcing and a means to
 attract and develop the best talent.  We are proud to be enhancing the
 relationship between GE and China,'' said Schneider.
     GE in China
     GE first began trading in China in 1906.  In 1908 it established it's
 first light bulb factory in Shenyang and in 1934 began importing electrical
 goods.  Today all of GE's eight industrial businesses are represented in China
 including aircraft engines; power systems; medical systems; plastics;
 specialty materials; consumer products; industrial systems and transportation
 systems.  To date GE has invested over US$1.5 billion in China with more than
 10,000 employees.
     GE, with 2002 revenues of $132 billion, is a diversified technology,
 services and manufacturing company with a commitment to achieving customer
 success.  GE operates in more than 100 countries and employs over 300,000
 people worldwide.  All of GE's eight industrial businesses are present in
 China with more than 10,000 employees.  For more information, visit the
 company's Web site at and .