Geneon Entertainment Acquires One of the Year's Most Anticipated Anime Feature Films


Deal Includes Theatrical and Home Video Distribution Across the Globe

Jun 17, 2004, 01:00 ET from Geneon Entertainment

    LONG BEACH, Calif., June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Geneon Entertainment, a
 division of Dentsu, Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange #4324), announced today the
 acquisition for worldwide distribution theatrical and home video rights,
 excluding Japan and Korea, for the feature film "Appleseed."  Leaders in
 introducing anime to new audiences around the world, Geneon Entertainment
 acquired the rights from Micott & Basara.
     The North American theatrical distribution is tentatively scheduled for
 late Summer 2004, followed by a home video release.  "Appleseed" marks the
 first film under the new Geneon Films umbrella; a division dedicated to
 marketing and distributing live action and other animated feature films from
 Japan and Asia, around the world.  Geneon Entertainment also acquired North
 American and European distribution rights for "Tetsujin 28th."  The company
 has released the anime masterpiece "Akira," "Patlabor WXIII" and the Japanese
 blockbuster hit "Onmyoji."
     Based on the manga story by Masamune Shirow ("Ghost In The Shell") and
 directed by Shinji Aramaki ("Bubblegum Crisis"), "Appleseed" features a
 groundbreaking animation style, "3D Live Anime," utilizing motion capture
 animation techniques.  "Appleseed" was released theatrically in Japan earlier
 this year.
     "Long before its debut during the American Film Market in February, the
 buzz about 'Appleseed' has grown at a rapid rate," said Yosuke Kobayashi,
 president/CEO, Geneon Entertainment.  "The animation style is like none other,
 and anime gurus, curious fans and general audiences will be attracted to this
 amazing sci-fi adventure."
     With eye-popping, in-your-face visuals, "Appleseed" boasts a new form
 animation called "3D Live Anime."  A combination of groundbreaking
 three-dimensional computer animation, in conjunction with two-dimensional
 character animation recreates the best qualities of traditional cel-based
 anime.  The creative team behind the innovative animation style includes
 director Aramaki and producer Fumihiko Sori, whose credits include CG
 animation work on "Titanic" and directing the international sleeper hit "Ping
     Using cutting-edge music as the backdrop for this visual tour de force,
 the "Appleseed" soundtrack features an eclectic mix of music from around the
 world, including new tracks created by Japanese artists Boom Boom Satellites,
 world-renowned DJ/producer Paul Oakenfold ("Matrix Reloaded," "Swordfish"),
 Ryuichi Sakamoto ("The Last Emperor") and Basement Jaxx, among others.
     Set in the year 2131, after most of the world has been devastated by war,
 "Appleseed" chronicles the battle between mankind and bioroids, a race of
 cybernetic pseudo-clones designed to aid humans in domestic capacities.  But
 when ideologies flare and aggression rises to the surface, the thin veneer of
 peaceful coexistence is shattered.
     GENEON ENTERTAINMENT (USA) INC. (www.Geneon-Ent.Com) is a full-service
 producer and distributor of entertainment content including film, music,
 animation and television shows on VHS, DVD and CD.  Headquartered in Long
 Beach, California, Geneon Entertainment's parent company is Tokyo-based
 advertising giant Dentsu, Inc.
     Dentsu Inc., founded in 1901, is the largest advertising agency brand and
 the fifth largest marketing and communications organization in the world.
 Based in Tokyo, Dentsu offers national, multinational and global clients the
 most comprehensive range of advertising and marketing services through its
 unique "Total Communications Services" approach.  Dentsu has pioneered and set
 global standards for integrated communications, which in latter years have
 been adopted by a number of major international networks.  The group has more
 than 6,000 clients and 14,447 full-time employees in both Japan and in its
 offices overseas.  Consolidated billings (net sales) for fiscal term 02/03
 were recorded at yen 1,692.9 billion.  Dentsu is publicly quoted on the Tokyo
 Stock Exchange.

SOURCE Geneon Entertainment